Friday, January 27, 2012

Bardic Magick

The Pied Piper.
Robbie Burns.
Bob Dylan.

Today, I'd like to speak on a topic that I have first hand knowledge of.
Bards have always been the keeper of the news, the gossip, the fantasy, the heartfelt dream.
Bards know the inner beating of your lost soul.
They can dance, sing or rhyme their way into your heart.

Bards are different than just "talented musicians".

Bards are the ones that can take a song and peer into your SOUL.

"Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song...."

I am a Bard.
No, REALLY....I am a Bard!
I work and make my living and loving with music, words and poetry.
 There are times, when my mate and I sing, and the mood of the crowd CHANGES.
 People look wistful.
Old grizzled men CRY.
Children Dance!
People close their eyes and REMEMBER long lost loves.

Music is a Magick thing.

MUSE-ic truly is from the Muses, as is Writing, Dance, Art and all expression.

Sometimes when I am lonely, I sing sad songs.....and it either makes me cry it out...or it cheers me.

Sometimes when I am feeling RANDY...I sing Bawdy songs and my lust springs my nipples hard...
(and if men are listening...well....they enjoy it too....I can FEEL their manhood growing with every lyric! :)

When I am in a loving mood, my love sings out and makes the world a smaller, happier place.

When I am raging with anger, I sing Murder ballads and ....well....I don't feel like killing my mate anymore.

Writing helps me with my life....
And funny....I get letters that say that my writing helps others.

I HEAL through my WORDS and my SONG.

                                                 (Rick is deaf....yet, loves to "sing' with us :)

I wish to heal, help, LOVE, Grow....and help others to do so.

This is what Bards DO.

They sing SPELLS....

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme....(Kindness/Strength/Fertility/Courage) all good things for a union of two hearts.

If Music be the food of LOVE....Play on.....
Bards can weave a spell of Magick thru words, thru music, thru dance, thru poetry
A gift of the MUSES....

They, who were considered the SOURCE of all knowledge.



Friday, January 20, 2012

Bacchus~ God of Wine

My topic today for the letter of the bi-weekly Pagan Blog Project is BACCHUS.
One of my favorite Gods!
The God of WINE...intoxicating beverages and "inspired madness".
Patron deity of Agriculture and Theatre.
(and as a musician and actor...I DO pay homage frequently!)

He is called Dionysius (if you are Greek) and Bacchus (Roman)
so...... depending on if you are Greek or depends on which you call upon.
Same God.
Different names.

Same yummy wine and alcoholic beverages.

Dionysius was the son of the God Zeus and Goddess Persephone (or sometimes the Goddess Semele, depending on origin of the folktale).

How'ere, he wasn't a son of Zeus and Hera (Zeus's WIFE)  and so became a victim of infanticide, from Hera's wrath. She sent the Titans to rip apart the baby. (oh how festive for a newborn in the family)
The Titans did their worst, but Zeus scared them away at the last minute...and they left nothing but the heart. The heart was saved and used to impregnate the mother once again and Dionysius was born....
or REborn as the case may be.

Yes a God with HEART :)

The worshippers of Dionysius were said to be blood thirsty women named Maenads.
 The Maenads were also called "The Raving Ones" (ok, so we've all been there with a few too many drinks a time or two?) Raucous wild frenzied orgies of music and drinks (BACCHANALIAS!)
So when we drink we are imitating the Maenads of old--- we are the nymphs who reared the young God and ran with the grown one.

Powers of M├Žnads are:
  • To awaken the God
  • To run with the God
  • To share His attributes
  • To tame wild things by nursing them
  • To call forth water and wine and milk and honey from the Earth
  • To fight and not be harmed
  • To destroy
  • To prophesy
Bacchus's mission was to join music and bring an end to care and worry and anxiety. (Doesn't having a drink sometimes calm you when you are upset?)

He is also said to preside over communicating between the living and the dead. As a musician, I totally believe that music has a direct link to the soul, communication of the heart and spirit. I've seen the God of Music at WORK when I sing and people feel better or some feeling is evoked from within.

Bacchus also loved having Nymphs around.

(I mean, really...Who doesn't when you are drinking??? :)
Interestingly enough, his festival is celebrated on March 16 & 17.
This makes it easy to remember to "Honor The God of Drink" on Saint Paddy's Day :)


The next time you have a goblet of wine, or hoist a glass of intoxicating beverage...
spill a couple of drops for the God Bacchus!!

And try not to turn into a Maenad....
even if the wine is TOO YUMMY to be true....

As you may regret a few things in the morning :)
"Say Good Master Bacchus, astride on your bot
since our Ale is all gone and our Claret's run out
which of all the brisk wines in Your Empire that grow
will serve to delight your poor boggards below?
Resolve us Great Sir
And soon...send if over!
Lest we die! Lest we die!   
                                                             Of the sin of being SOBER."

Monday, January 9, 2012


It is the stuff of legends.
Thru the mists we peer trying to discern our way to see the glory of the natural world of the Goddess, the Lady of the Lake and Arthurian legends.
Why do we love Avalon so?

Because we want to believe in a place of pure Magick and Earthly wisdom, with a Goddess Mother Earth that provides and a society that cares for us.

Avalon means "Isle of Apples", a place of the Feminine Divine.

If you cut an apple in half horizontally, you will find a pentacle at it's core.
 An apple a day keeps the doctor away they say.  Why? Because apples are a healing food.
 Interestingly enough, the apple and women have always been entwined haven't they?
Women have long been the kitchen witches, the healers of home, health, family and community.

Look at poor Eve. Maligned, methinks.
She only wanted Knowledge. They say that the snake gave her that.
Was it wrong for her to take it?
Some say aye.
Some say nay.

The snake in Christian writings is supposed to be evil.
But in many cultures, the snake is GOOD. Very GOOD. The snake is Kundalini power of sexuality, earth knowledge and knowledge of SELF. Guardianship, healing, fertility, awareness and most especially, transformation. These are not things to be afraid of!
 The Isle of Apples, Avalon, as a symbol, along with the snake and apple, brings us a bushel full of knowledge!
Knowledge of Earth wisdom.
Knowledge of Self.
Knowledge of the Universe and the grand scheme.

We desire to LEARN.

We want to know the OLD WAYS.

The ways of discernment of the stars, God's good foods and herbs, special powers, communal living.

The magic Isle of Avalon is where the famous sword Excalibur was forged.
Avalon, is where the Lady of Lake reigns under the guidance of the Goddess.

It is said that the monks found the burial site of Arthur, King of the Britains here!

This is where Guenivere went to the Abbey after parting ways with her love for Lancelot and as a sanctuary from fleeing her seat as Queen. A Queen with two lovers in her life. She fled to the Church in the end, but she should've walked proudly to Avalon instead. A place where a woman has rights for her own sexuality and her beliefs of Love.

This is where Glastonbury Tor now stands and where the legend still lives on.

So much Magick here!

This is a realm for the Fae....Avalon, where no ploughs need to work and the Earth produces of itself and there is no need of want....

Morgan Le Fay and Merlin.

Arthur came to Avalon after the Battle of Camlann to be healed from his wounds here
This is where a tree that blooms only on Christmas day!

French historical stories of this place include the resting place of the Holy Grail~(no wonder no one has found it!)
If you are into Mary Magdalene lore, this is where the Goddess also comes into play. The Divine Feminine. Some say that the Grail cup was the vessel that Joseph of Arimathea captured drops of the healing blood of the dying Jesus in.
Joseph, it is said, brought the cup to Avalon for safe keeping.

The Divine Feminine can also be embodied in the child of Jesus thru Mary Magdalene. We are all children of God. Too long have we been denied our Mother Goddess. We need a mother. Someone to guide us, help us, feed us, LOVE us. Hold us in the warmth of her protection.

Avalon teaches us to embrace our Divinity through Earth Magick and thru the Divine Feminine.

Avalon keeps King Arthur there, sleeping peacfully until the day he is needed again.

Isle of Apples.

Apples of Knowledge.....
Apples of Sensuality....
Apples of Lore....

So many, many lovely apples :)


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magickal Mischief Tour!

Well, it's that time of year again when Harry & I put on our traveling shoes and pack up gear and garb and
push off for points SOUTH.

Sunny Florida!!

Harry & I  will be playing music at the Fort Myers Kiwanis Medieval Faire weekends Jan14-15 and 21-22.

The car is as good as it's gonna be for the trip.
So far this year, my Suburu Forrester has had:
A head gasket replaced, fixed the catalytic converters, a new radiator, oil change, and a new water pump.
Probably a few other things too...I can't remember.

Oh yah, a front end alignment, but they can't figure out why it shakes a bit over 50.

I'm 51, so I sort understand it :)

We are going to be pushing off, on a wing and a prayer next Tuesday.

I will try to blog along the way or here and there to tell you about the MAGICK we find along the way!
If you would like to follow us on our band journey, please join my "Merlyn's Musings" blog at my sister page:

I will post any special magickal happening here :)

On the agenda while in Florida catching up midweek with long lost family and close friends...
and a trip to Universal's Harry Potter's Hogwarts!!!
WOOOOT! Talk about Magick!!

Generally, we are perfect traveling companions, as we enjoy the traveling, as long as the transportation isn't an issue...

Here are some of the Tour Names from yesteryears...

2004        The” Dear God I hope the Van will make it there” Tour

This is the trip when our blue van's transmission was going and we went thru a CASE of  oil on the trip...
and thusly.....
Also several subsequent bottles of Absolute Vodka :)

2005          The “Southern Acoustic” Tour   

With a vehicle that had no (knock on wood) problems!

      2006         The “All Lasagna” Tour   

This is the trip where Harry decided to sample Lasanga at every restaurant that we stopped in :)

2007    The “Titties and Beer” Tour

Caravanning down with Ben Beavers. Nuf’ said. :)

2008  The “Cottage’s Maiden Voyage” Tour

Our 1978  new to us camper trip. Complete with him losing the steering wheel WHILE DRIVING.

2009  The “Kit’n’Kaboodle Oodle of Schnoodle” Tour   

We brought everything…the kitchen sink…and Monty’s first real Road Dog Trip!!!

2010  “Santa’s Holiday”

With Harry’s white beard recently grown long for Christmas Santa gigs… we were frequently asked if he was, indeed, Santa. And our musician friend,  Jay Michaels, was his “Head Elf”.
2011      “Fire & Ice- Circle of Life” Tour on which we saw all of that and so much more!
Usually, we don't listen to music much on the drive (too much talk or Jesus Radio in the southern states...)
we practice singing while we drive, and polish up a bunch of acapella pieces.
I always share a book I'm reading with Harry, by reading outloud to him as he drives.
On this "Magickal Mischief Tour",  our elective "Hogwarts Textbooks" of choice are:
"Faery Tale: One Woman's Search for Enchantment in a Modern World" by Signe Pike
"The Wizardology Handbook: A Course for Apprentices" by Candlewick Press
and "Super Nature" by Lyall Watson. These should really get us thinking and appreciating the magick that is all around us!

Usually, Harry takes a 1000 pictures while he drives at 60mph, hanging out the window, or snapping pics in front of my face..
How'ere, this year, the camera situation is fubared.
So, we shall see....maybe one will magickally present itself to us!


On a wondrous AUDIBLE note:

Our 10th CD is DONE! "Christmas Presence" was finished just last night :)
We are stuffing it in along with us for the ren faire.
And's not LATE for Christmas.

It's EARLY! :)

So, with hope in our hearts, and song on our lips we shall sally forth.

Gods Willing and the Creek don't RISE :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Akashic Records

I am participating in a new blogging event called "Pagan Blog Project".

It is SYNCHRONICITY in effect, as (you can see)

Earlier this week......
I started this my 2nd Writing Webpage ....
about MAGICK. Focusing on Magickal things (see some writings on Trolls and Numbers below)

and then TODAY....

I got an opportunity to write once a week about something MAGICKAL!

Either from a subject matter we want to share about or research about and share.


If you build it, they will come :)

On Fridays, this year, I will be writing (along with a bunch of others, you can find the link to other wonderful Magickal writings below) on a topic. We are starting with the ALPHABET. One letter for 2 weeks (26 letters of the alphabet X 2= 52 weeks of the year).
My "A" Topic of Choice is for this first week, and beginning "At the very Beginning".....

"The AKASHIC Records"
What are they?

Basically, it is the "Book of Life" that we've all heard about. 

Technically, it is a LIBRARY.

THE Library. 

Of all the thoughts, deeds and souls in the entire Universe.

Where INTENTION and evolving as a Spirit is the only thing that matters.

What have you done?
Thought about?
Made happen?
In this life or in past lives?
What was your Intention?
Are you growing as a Soul?
In which direction?

For the entire length of time that there was TIME.

Kewl, huh?

And YOU can TAP your OWN records!

We are all here on a JOURNEY.

The Akashic Records keeps track of every thought, every deed, every action, will and intention.

"The Akashic Records are stored or housed in Subconscious or Universal Mind are a permanent record of everything that has ever been said, thought, and done.

One who is able to access this inner, Universal library of mind has before him or her an accurate history and universal knowledge."

Is that fecking KEWL or what?

Have I blown your mind?
Check out Edgar Cayce and see how he read people. He tapped into the Akashic Records and was able to give readings, (with their permission) and that's how he helped so many people over space and time.

The Akashic Records.

What a wondrous Library.

Check it out :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

StoryBook Club~ Trolls!

My StoryBook Club took a turn off the beaten path last night (Oh how like us :)
and went into the dangerous woods to find Trolls!
Trolls come to us from Scandanavian Folklore and we learned much about them!

One thing is they don't like Church bells. They can "Smell the blood of a Christian Man."
(They are NOT Christian. ...altho, we are not sure how they feel about other religions. :)

Of course, they don't like people much either....except broiled, baked or stewed.
(Hmmmm.....maybe Jeffrey Dahmer was a troll...) Yes, they eat people. And like Tazmanian devils, they eat almost everything else, including car tires, carpeting and fence posts, and they even eat rocks and stone. They have diamond teeth.

We, how'ere, enjoyed our dinner of  Dwarf Chili, Monkey Man Bread, Boiled dinner, Hot bread from the hearth, Trollhouse Cookies and Rock Candy. Here is our table centerpiece, complete with bridge, a sheep and many trolls.
We are a group of big people (I hesitate to say "grownups" :) that meet once a month to discuss Children's Literature. We dig into the "Theme of the Month" and eat and drink and swear and are very upfront with our discussions.

We learned this month that:

Trolls like to be aloof, solitary for the most part when it comes to people  but Trolls are social tho, and live in communal groups. You don't want to see their wives, the hulda. Mean MOTHERFUCKERS. But you would be too, if your gestational period to carry your ugly baby troll was TEN to FIFTEEN YEARS!

Real trolls don't have gems in their navel. They have YOU in their navel!

One thing I learned about trolls is that while they are born with one head, as they get older they grow other heads....but they aren't real heads, just proturbances.

And they STINK.


They are Nocturnal creatures and when they see the sunlight they calcify and turn to STONE.
(Much like the Nocturnal Vampires we studied back in July).

They are the evil that lurks in the hearts and minds of men. Ask the Shadow. He knows.

Trolls are of very little brain, big, burly and full of malice.

When courting, the male troll hits the female troll over the head with a rock. (They taught the caveman this trick. By the you know WHY a caveman drags his woman by the hair? Because if they dragged them by their feet, they'd just fill up with dirt. :)

They do have a worship of some Norse Troll Gods, but when their Gods favor you, they hit you over the head with a rock.

When your troll baby does a good thing, the parents hit them over the head with a rock.

They do have a numbering system. It is based on 4. One, two, three, (4) many and (16) lots.

There are Cave Trolls, Mountain Trolls, Forest Trolls, Rindlefinches, Huldars, Trolls that look like humans (brings me back to Jeffrey Dahmer again...) and HUMONGOUS trolls the Jotnar.
Can you say HUGE TOM????????
He's 200 ft. tall.
That's a 20 story BUILDING!!

Also, you know the BIG high voltage power lines you see sometimes along the road? Well....
they aren't for what you THINK.
They are an electric fence to keep Jotnar TROLLS at bay.

And after viewing the movie "Trollhunter" I think those power lines ROCK.

Check out this movie, "Trollhunter" here!

what do Trolls teach us?

There are those in this world that ARE mean spirited, will NEVER change, have only single minded thoughts of self fulfillment and use their burly nature to focus on their own needs and just TAKE from life.
And when the Sunlight (truth) falls upon them...instead of changing for good, they turn into stone.
(Probably metaphorically speaking in your life or in yours or their heart)
but either way, they are affected and stopped somehow. 

If anything, the troll helps us with Darwin's idea of Survival of the Fittest.

So, if you see one?

Or KILL IT but for God's sake don't invite it to dinner.

Cuz it WILL be YOU.

Snip, Snap, Snout!
This tale's told out!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magick Numbers

It's a New Year. 

Number 2012

So I was interested in it's numerological number meaning, and when you reduce it to its base number (2+0+1+2=5) you come up with a single number. 


Evidently, the number 5 means CHANGE.

Look below to some information I found online for you. 

Go ahead. 

Figure your birthday.

Figure HIS birthday.

It's all very curious.....

(She says with a Cheshire Cat Moon Smile :)


Meaning of Numbers

Numbers tell a story. In fact, you can learn more about a person through their numerology profile than you would with hours of interview. By knowing the meaning of numbers in numerology, you not only give yourself a view into person’s personality, but you will also be privy to their conscious and unconscious desires in life.
Here is a quick exercise to help you learn the meaning of numbers. Take the date of your birth, if its not in a single digit reduce it. For example, you were born on the 29th; reduce that by adding 2 and 9. This will give you a result of 11, which is a master number. Master numbers have a higher meaning of their own, but for the purpose of this exercise, you should further reduce 11 to 2 by adding 1 and 1. This is known as your Birthday Number.

Now that you have your reduced birth date number, here is quick view the meaning of numbers in your birth date. You can also use the meaning of numbers provided below as quick reference for the other numbers in your numerology profile.

1 – The number 1 essentially denotes leadership. As an individual you are most likely drawn towards leadership roles and you find yourself happier at the head of the group instead of being a follower. 1’s are also highly intelligent individuals. Other positive traits for people with a 1 in their profile include: pride, courage, independence, positive, individualistic, authoritative, inventive, ambitious, daring, dynamic, and a visionary. Inversely, 1’s can be stubborn, domineering, selfish, didactic, demanding, depressed, cold, hypersensitive, and tactless.

2 – People with number 2s in their numerology profile, especially in their Life Path numbers are known as the quite and spiritual ones. Cooperation is also Key for 2s and they are described as ideal friends and partners in life. 2s are known for being gentle, artistic, tolerant, quiet, agreeable, reliable, friendly, graceful, understanding, self-sufficient, and forgiving. 2s can also come off as shy, ambitionless, depressed, insipid, listless, and malleable.

3 – This is the number of self-expression. 3s are often happier when they are in an environment that allows them to express themselves. This number often denotes the creative soul. If you have always been drawn towards artistic endeavors, chances are that you have a 3 in your numerology profile. Some of 3’s positive characteristics include being friendly, popular, versatile, passionate, talented, witty, romantic, and charming. Some negative traits for 3s include vain, wasteful, gaudy, domineering, critical, fickle, and egotistical.

4 – This is the numerical representation of steadfastness and reliability. People who are 4s are known for being a solid person who is reliable and constant. Some of the top traits for a 4 include being firm, steady, hard working, constant, practical, logical, loyal and permanent. 4s can also exude some negative traits, which include stubbornness, jealousy, didacticism, and they can also be argumentative.

5 – Change is a hallmark of a life lived in the numerological number 5. If you have 5 in your numerological profile then there is a good chances that your life if full of changes. 5s also value their freedom above all else and are often restless and unhappy in an environment that boxes them in. 5s are also known to be literary, adventurous, dramatic, flamboyant, passionate, dramatic, intelligent, free-thinking, free spirited, creative, humorous, probing, and versatile. On the other hand, 5s can also be fickle, unreliable, depressed, impulsive, jealous, envious, inconsistent, sarcastic, and moody.

6 – People with 6s in their numerology profile are known as the peacemakers in life. One of the most famous advocates of peace was Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. He was born on the 15th, which makes him a 6. He is one of the ultimate examples of an individual born with the number 6. Aside from being peacemakers, 6s are also known for being charming, sympathetic, home loving, unselfish, just, intelligent, artistic, persuasive, creative, angelic, truthful, caring, and honorable. On the flip side, 6s can also come off as vain, meddling, picky, intrusive, nagging, self-righteous, stifling, and underhanded.

7 – This number represents intellect and mental pursuits. People with a 7 on their numerology profile are known to be intellectuals. They are also spiritual, mystical, probing, quiet, pensive, discreet, intuitive, artistic, and reserved. Being intensely mental individuals, 7s can also come off as cold, devious, stand-offish, moody, shy, calculating, critical, withdrawn, lonely, depressed, and slow.

8 – This is the number many people wish that they had in their numerology profiles. Why? It’s because 8 is the number of money and everything that goes with it. 8s are destined for fame, power, and fortune. 8s are also known for being charitable, wise, successful, sincere, reliable, spiritual, considerate, a leader, courageous, ambitious, kind, and understanding. This number’s drive towards wealth can also lead them to become power-hungry, egotistical, dictatorial, power mad, depressed, and vain.

9 – In learning the meaning of numbers, you will find out that the 9 is considered the culmination of all the numbers and all their traits. 9s are highly sensitive individuals, which makes them keen in responding to their environment. 9s are also known as intelligent, adventurous, intuitive, understanding, sensitive, peaceful, emotional, loving, leaders, talented, romantic, philosophical. 9s are also known to be lonely, depressed, over-emotional, prone to self-pity, and are also wasteful.

Keep in mind that your birthday number is just one reflection of who you are. You can also learn more about your personality and your potential from your Life Path number, Your Soul Urge number, and Your Expression number. The better you understand the meaning of numbers, the better you will be at figuring things out about yourself and the other people in your life.