Monday, January 9, 2012


It is the stuff of legends.
Thru the mists we peer trying to discern our way to see the glory of the natural world of the Goddess, the Lady of the Lake and Arthurian legends.
Why do we love Avalon so?

Because we want to believe in a place of pure Magick and Earthly wisdom, with a Goddess Mother Earth that provides and a society that cares for us.

Avalon means "Isle of Apples", a place of the Feminine Divine.

If you cut an apple in half horizontally, you will find a pentacle at it's core.
 An apple a day keeps the doctor away they say.  Why? Because apples are a healing food.
 Interestingly enough, the apple and women have always been entwined haven't they?
Women have long been the kitchen witches, the healers of home, health, family and community.

Look at poor Eve. Maligned, methinks.
She only wanted Knowledge. They say that the snake gave her that.
Was it wrong for her to take it?
Some say aye.
Some say nay.

The snake in Christian writings is supposed to be evil.
But in many cultures, the snake is GOOD. Very GOOD. The snake is Kundalini power of sexuality, earth knowledge and knowledge of SELF. Guardianship, healing, fertility, awareness and most especially, transformation. These are not things to be afraid of!
 The Isle of Apples, Avalon, as a symbol, along with the snake and apple, brings us a bushel full of knowledge!
Knowledge of Earth wisdom.
Knowledge of Self.
Knowledge of the Universe and the grand scheme.

We desire to LEARN.

We want to know the OLD WAYS.

The ways of discernment of the stars, God's good foods and herbs, special powers, communal living.

The magic Isle of Avalon is where the famous sword Excalibur was forged.
Avalon, is where the Lady of Lake reigns under the guidance of the Goddess.

It is said that the monks found the burial site of Arthur, King of the Britains here!

This is where Guenivere went to the Abbey after parting ways with her love for Lancelot and as a sanctuary from fleeing her seat as Queen. A Queen with two lovers in her life. She fled to the Church in the end, but she should've walked proudly to Avalon instead. A place where a woman has rights for her own sexuality and her beliefs of Love.

This is where Glastonbury Tor now stands and where the legend still lives on.

So much Magick here!

This is a realm for the Fae....Avalon, where no ploughs need to work and the Earth produces of itself and there is no need of want....

Morgan Le Fay and Merlin.

Arthur came to Avalon after the Battle of Camlann to be healed from his wounds here
This is where a tree that blooms only on Christmas day!

French historical stories of this place include the resting place of the Holy Grail~(no wonder no one has found it!)
If you are into Mary Magdalene lore, this is where the Goddess also comes into play. The Divine Feminine. Some say that the Grail cup was the vessel that Joseph of Arimathea captured drops of the healing blood of the dying Jesus in.
Joseph, it is said, brought the cup to Avalon for safe keeping.

The Divine Feminine can also be embodied in the child of Jesus thru Mary Magdalene. We are all children of God. Too long have we been denied our Mother Goddess. We need a mother. Someone to guide us, help us, feed us, LOVE us. Hold us in the warmth of her protection.

Avalon teaches us to embrace our Divinity through Earth Magick and thru the Divine Feminine.

Avalon keeps King Arthur there, sleeping peacfully until the day he is needed again.

Isle of Apples.

Apples of Knowledge.....
Apples of Sensuality....
Apples of Lore....

So many, many lovely apples :)



Keltikmystique said...

Enjoyed this! Great topic for 'A' :) I too am doing this project... it's fun isn't it?!

Magickdiva said...

I loved reading your post on Avalon and looking at your gorgeous images - I'm so lucky to live only 10 minutes from Stonehenge and an hour away from Glastonbury - your post made me want to get in the car and go down there!

Merlyn said...

Thank you! And how wondrous to live SO close to such Magickal sites! I'm jealous!! :) Hugs~