Friday, January 6, 2012

Akashic Records

I am participating in a new blogging event called "Pagan Blog Project".

It is SYNCHRONICITY in effect, as (you can see)

Earlier this week......
I started this my 2nd Writing Webpage ....
about MAGICK. Focusing on Magickal things (see some writings on Trolls and Numbers below)

and then TODAY....

I got an opportunity to write once a week about something MAGICKAL!

Either from a subject matter we want to share about or research about and share.


If you build it, they will come :)

On Fridays, this year, I will be writing (along with a bunch of others, you can find the link to other wonderful Magickal writings below) on a topic. We are starting with the ALPHABET. One letter for 2 weeks (26 letters of the alphabet X 2= 52 weeks of the year).
My "A" Topic of Choice is for this first week, and beginning "At the very Beginning".....

"The AKASHIC Records"
What are they?

Basically, it is the "Book of Life" that we've all heard about. 

Technically, it is a LIBRARY.

THE Library. 

Of all the thoughts, deeds and souls in the entire Universe.

Where INTENTION and evolving as a Spirit is the only thing that matters.

What have you done?
Thought about?
Made happen?
In this life or in past lives?
What was your Intention?
Are you growing as a Soul?
In which direction?

For the entire length of time that there was TIME.

Kewl, huh?

And YOU can TAP your OWN records!

We are all here on a JOURNEY.

The Akashic Records keeps track of every thought, every deed, every action, will and intention.

"The Akashic Records are stored or housed in Subconscious or Universal Mind are a permanent record of everything that has ever been said, thought, and done.

One who is able to access this inner, Universal library of mind has before him or her an accurate history and universal knowledge."

Is that fecking KEWL or what?

Have I blown your mind?
Check out Edgar Cayce and see how he read people. He tapped into the Akashic Records and was able to give readings, (with their permission) and that's how he helped so many people over space and time.

The Akashic Records.

What a wondrous Library.

Check it out :)


Lynnie said...

It's interesting because if anyone ever asks me to define my witch-hood (beyond my saying I'm a kitchen/green witch) I tell them I walk the Akashic path- which means that I believe that not only am I part of a greater whole but able to tap into that whole.
I'm not a god/dess person because for me, what I feel can not be contained into the human form- and I don't feel comfortable assigning human attributes to it (as with ancient deity).
I was planning on writing about it next in tandem with animism, and am delighted to read about the library! :)

Starfire said...

Ooooh, synchronicity here... I was just talking with a good friend last week about what the Akashic records were. I think I described it as "the record of all that is, was and could be" to him, but I'm pointing him at your post now for more information.

Thanks for the writeup - I'll look forward to reading more of your contributions to the Pagan Blogging Project

*~ Aurora Brierley ~* said...

Wonderful blog Merlyn, I have a fondness of the Akashic Records and the *magick* they fill me uo with for two reasons, 1) my first ever deck of angel cards told me about the Akashic records with the angels Akasha (beautiful name) and 2) I once had a Dream Experience I went to *spirit* and visited my Grandma whom took me into a huge library and showed me books (yes im a book worm) that had been written and were still to be written... I even read books there that were written in some sort of symbolic language, yet as expected understood it all perfectly. Can't remember a thing consciously now though :)

Galena said...

Wonderful, I have not really heard of this before and now you have peaked my interest in something new! Fantastic, that is the goal of this blog to broaden our paths... how awesome!!