Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eclectic Spirituality

This week I shall write about "Eclectic Spirituality".

Having been baptized and raised to my adolescence as Catholic...
then accompanying my mom on her spiritual journey thru many faiths...
(Baptist/Presbyterian/Seventh Day Adventist/Pentecostal/Episcopalian)
to my own search (Dutch Reformed/Methodist/United Methodist/Wicca-Pagan path)
Having friends that were Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist....
till I found that I was None...and yet All of these.

My affiliation with the Unitarian Universalist Church seemed like the place for me with all my eclectic beliefs.
(Their motto is: "Room for different beliefs...YOURS." :)

I find Peace and Tolerance to many faiths thru this Eclectic Spiritual Journey.

For instance: I love and accept and admire totally-

Jesus with his kindness and total love for others. Even the untouchables and the unloveable.
Mary- with her faith as a Mother Goddess
Mary Magdalene- with her unconditional love and her sensual past, and her total devotion.
I SO much IDENTIFY with her.
I also accept the wisdom of the Greek Gods especially:

Zeus (Jupiter)- All Powerful and Patriarch. Big Daddy with a temper sometimes. He can fix things! Or break them.
Hera- The Goddess of Marriage and Home (who also has a temper, like most wives :)

Aphrodite (Venus)- Goddess of Love and Beauty...with her Feminine beauty and wiles. She's no prude. She teaches us to be at ONE with our sexuality...which is a GIFT of the Gods. This is something which we women all need to be reminded of from time to time.
Poseidon (Neptune) - God of the Sea ...especially when I travel by water! He can be calm, wild, deep, shallow...he controls all the life within it. And WE are 98% water, remember?
Pan (Faunas)-God of Mischief! Music! Sex! Playfulness! Raaaaowwr!!! :)

Dionysus (Bacchus) - God of Libations! I do worship a delicious goblet of wine, mead or tankard of ale from time to time too. I sometimes even dribble a bit on the ground to honor him.

And then there is:

Ganesh- Remover of Obstacles! With lots of strong arms to take problems AWAY! Sometimes I really need Ganesh to help me move MOUNTAINS!

Buddha- for his calm, thoughtful Zen wisdom. How can you not like this Guy?
When you meditate..."smile with your liver" to bring happiness into your being! I feel in touch with Buddha and Ganesh when I do my Yoga...

Pele- Fiery Goddess of Power, for purging endings clean and making new beginnings fresh!
She can sterilize it and let new things and creativity grow again.

Kwan Yin- For her most loving heart of Compassion, she offers it to All. She is wise, and it's good for us to find this sensitivity within and without.

Then there are the Archangels that I admire and lean on:
Michael- my friend and who can carry all burdens, protector and advice giver. Ask him to help you at anytime, anywhere. He will be there for you.

Gabriel-Rebirth, Creativity, Purification

Ariel- for Healing, Angel of animals

Raphael- Angel of Love, Laughter and Joy

Personally, I find that "cherry picking" has best suited my understanding of the World and its cultures and helps to heal me and to stabilize my Spiritual Quest and it has answered many of my Theological questions in one way or another!

Maybe this Eclectic thing was originally created in me by the Catholic religion and all it's lovely Saints and Angels, Bishops and Priests and stained glass window to look up to and admire. Who knows?

What I do know is that in my heart there is a God/Goddess/Angel for every situation.

I mean, what Catholic hasn't prayed to St. Christopher for safe travels?

Or to Saint Anthony to find something lost?
(BTW~ I still have a fob, which I found one day...that has a St. Anthony medal on it. I was amused! I will always keep it in a special place to remind me.)

Some folks would say that this kind of belief is sacrilege or blasphemy.

But I think it actually Honors our World, the Universe, the Universal Spirit (whatever it really is, it may be hard to describe, name or label) and it makes us understand our diverse populations and historic culture better.

I find Peace when I can pray to those who are in Charge of such things.

It's like the saying: "The right tool for the right job."

That's the ticket!

While you can use a universal tool....
sometimes it's best to specialize.

Case in point:
I could go to my Family Doctor for a toothache...
but a Dentist may be the better call....
Even then...
he may refer me to an Endodontist.

So that's the way I feel about it.

Specialized Faith.

Eclectic Spirituality=

The right God or Goddess or Angel for any particular situation.

Seems logical to me.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tree Speak~

A Red Maple Tree spoke to me

this day upon my walk

all the other trees were quiet

so I was surprised when it started to talk

It rustled its leaves so adamantly

made me realize it had something to say

so I said, "What are you trying to tell me?"

and I kept going along on my way

Walking with my puppy jingles

But.... on my walk home

the feeling of that dryad's words

worked it's way deep into my bones

At home I looked up symbolism

of the red maple tree

and saw that its meaning

was definitely sent for me

So when you are out walking

and a tree shakes its leaves at you

don't be complacent...just LISTEN

because trees talk to very few.

Friday, February 24, 2012


The word "Deasil" is Gaelic meaning: "Sunwise" or "Clockwise"

(Some people spell it Deosil, but the correct spelling, evidently is Deasil).

But surely I digress :)

Widdershins means Counterclockwise.

(But reverse both those terms and directions if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Got that?

Good :)

We do lots of things in life in clockwise motion, winding clocks, tighten a bolt, Calling Quarters, drawing a "circle" with sage or an imaginary line, playing "Duck Duck Goose" are all done in a clockwise (deasil) motion.

It helps us to "go with the flow".

It's a natural direction.

It's easy.

I even use this clockwise directional input in my cleaning.
Cleaning, Merlyn?
You know when you have to clean a room and it's overwhelming?
Try this to make it more manageable.
Start the process by decreeing a point in the room as "12 o'clock".
Then start there and go deasil (clockwise) round the room until you reach your starting point again.

It's orderly, it's goes with the flow...
and nobody gets hurt. :)

Although I just LOVE the word "Widdershins"...
and think that if I ever get another cat I should like to name him that.
But he'd probably just end up chasing his tail round and round counter clockwise :)
Click here for some spinning deasil and widdershins cats!! :)

So now you know a couple new words! :)
Thanks for reading and remember....

Deasil= Clockwise
Widdershins- Counter Clockwise
Except in the Southern Hemisphere :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


D is for Demeter.

She is the Goddess of Fertility, Grain, Corn, Agriculture.
She is responsible for all living and growing things.

 She is also the Goddess responsible for creating Winter.

Once Upon a Time in Mythology....

Demeter was happy.

All was well.
Her daughter Persephone lived with her and life and love was cherished.
But Hades fell in love with Persephone.
Knowing that she would never want to come and live in his dark, gloomy Underworld of her own accord.
Hades did what any lovesick suitor would do. He tricked Persephone into having to stay with him.

When Persephone was missing,

Demeter GRIEVED.
She grieved so much that temperate climates ended.
The world became a cold place.
Plants died and the snows and ice came that matched Demeter's chilly heart without her daughter.
Animals died.

All life was dying without her care and love.

So a deal was struck, as is often the case, and COMPROMISE was agreed upon.

Persephone would spend 1/2 the year with her mother Demeter in the World at large.

This is the time of spring and summer, lambing, life, growth and plenty.
Demeter is happy at this time of year and so is the world.
Then the other 1/2 of the year...

Persephone would go to the Underworld to live and be with her husband Hades.
Then Demeter would grieve once again and the world would experience a time of quiet, darkness....
and winter would commence.

How like our lives.

With loneliness, death, divorce, separation, the loss of love or health, we feel like Demeter, don't we?

Like there is the chill of winter upon our soul.
It seeps into our very bones.

But know what?

It's OK to grieve.
It's perfectly natural to sleep, cry, hibernate and rest.
Let the land and our hearts and souls lie fallow.
We need this time to recover.
But with the onset of summer, good weather, love and light, we breath in Hope!
We warm our friendships and our hearts and live and breathe again.
Our energy comes back to us with leaps and bounds!
Now is the time to leap for joy and love is rekindled for ourselves and others!
This is why I love the Earthen calendar!
It feels so RIGHT.

We feel like dancing at Beltane and Summer Solstice!
The grain and corn are ripening as our hearts are warmed with faires and parties and gardens.

Then when the seasons turn, we grieve losing our light, our life and our love and a coldness comes into our hearts.We hope and live for the day when winter's cold and harsh rain and snow and dreary weather will end and our life and love will come back to us.

Dear Demeter, my love for you is unbounding in my compassion for your loss.
Like a sorrowful mother or lover, I understand your heartache.
It is as deep and unrelenting as the winter is long.
But hear this, Dear grieving Mother Goddess: All is not lost!!
For life and love WILL return to you in the Spring, when hope springs Eternal.
And all will be well once again when Spring and Persephone comes!
This is the promise of the Universe.
Spring is just around the corner.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Ceromancy (Wax Divination)

'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things: 
of shoes and ships - 
and sealing wax
of cabbages and kings." ~ Lewis Carroll

Ceromancy is a fancy word for Wax Divination.

I'd like you to come along with me for intuitive FUN!

Have I ever told you the story about my Great Aunt Billy?
She was my Grandmother's sister on the French Canadian side of my father's family.
A bit of a character (apples don't fall far from the tree do they? :)
and she spoke French for most of the time I was around her as a child.

Well, Aunt Billy read tea leaves (which is called Tasseography).
She would only read them for: "Women of marrying age".

I always wished I were older when she did this when I was little so I could find out about ME too.....
but I was never old enough....
When I WAS older, I found out that the symbols for tea leaf reading & those of wax divining were the same!

But surely I digress... :)

Back to Ceromancy or Wax Divination:

You will need:

*A candle
 *Some essential oil (I like patchouli for the grounding effect)
*A bowl of water
*A spoon
 *A towel

Take a candle for your purposes and say a blessing over it.  Rub the candle with some oil to dedicate it for your purpose.
Lite the candle with a prayer of Goodness for some Insight.
Once the wax has started to melt a bit...
Ask a Question:
I usually like to ask in a broad manner ....something like:
"Tell me about............" (include subject or area of interest).

Then take your spoon and swirl the water....clockwise.

Pick up your candle....ask question again....and drip a small amount of wax into the water.
Take the spoon and carefully lift the wax shapes out of the swirling water.

You can interpret using the symbols below....
You should also keep an open mind to what some symbols mean TO YOU.

Maybe an "anchor" may mean a weight or you...
Or a "bridge" may be a time of crossing over to a new situation...
a "Moon" may mean a month's time...
a "spider web" may mean lies....
a "snake" may mean kundalini sexual power...

Get the idea? :)

Remember to keep an Open Mind and have FUN! :)

Airplane: A trip
Anchor: Your loved one is faithful.
Ball: Your problem will roll away.
Bed: A restful holiday would be good for you.
Bells: A wedding.
Bird: News is coming.
Bridge: Time to take a chance.
Broom: Time to sweep in a change.
Candle: Spiritual growth.
Chain: Go ahead with your plans.
Circle: Time of reconciliation.
Cloud: Something or someone threatens you with a stormy situation.
Cross: You are protected.
Ear: Listen for opportunities to advance in your work.
Egg: There will soon be new developments.
Fan: A surprise is coming.
Feather: The problem will be solved.
Ghost: Someone from the past is looking for you.
Grass: Good fortune grows.
Heart: Friendship becomes love.
House: Better times are coming.
Leaf: There will soon be changes.
Lion: An unpleasant situation.
Moon: More money may be coming.
Mountain: Close friends are willing to help.
Pen: Letter from a friend or relative.
Ring: Marriage may happen in the near future.
Scissors: Separation.
Snake: Beware.
Spider web: Pleasant occurrences.
Star: Happiness.
Sun: Good fortune.
Table: An abundance of blessings.
Tree: A good time for new ventures.
Walking Stick: Go and visit friends.
Wheel: Travel, or someone journeys home soon.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cartomancy (Card Divination)

 (Plainly speaking, Cartomancy is a fancy word for Card Divination
or "Reading Cards".
I'm a card reader.
I've read cards for many years.
But unlike most Tarot card readers...
"I don't play with a full deck".
 Yah, ok, that's my joke.... and it makes you feel at ease when you sit down for a reading with me, but it's really the TRUTH.
You see....
I read only the Major Arcana.
The face cards are my BUDS.
Very powerful and they cut to the point....or the "crux o' the biscuit" :)

This is the way I learned and it works for me. Others may read all the cards, and that is awesome. But so is this way. I have found a lot of Magick works for different people in different
This is just "Merlyn's Way" :)

Card readings have a long history, and the current playing deck of cards have come from it.
Kings, Queens, Knights all have their places here
 Pages have been dropped off the playing card deck in recent history...

But the Jester, of course, will always play the part of the Fool :)

While there may be certain meanings for cards (Upright/Reversed/Blocked) and there are certain layouts to do cards, every card reader has their own "style" of reading.

I will share with you my Style and Approach for reading.

First off..
I personally, have dedicated decks for doing festivals and faires. I offer my potential client the opportunity to
pick from an assortment of decks laid out, usually with some familiar card like the Wheel of Fortune
 or the Empress out for them to pick their deck of choice...
and I let them choose the deck they most feel like consulting.

I encourage them to shuffle and think of a "Question to Ask the Cards". This helps them FOCUS and imprint their thoughts, desires on the moment and their needs.
Then when they are "shuffled enough" or "Done" I accept the cards back from the Questioner and I fan out my cards and offer them to "Pick" after we have decided which layout to do.

Then I read "the answer that they pick".

I can offer a Single card ...
3 Card (Past/Present /Future) reading,
Basic Four (Past /Present/Future/Blockage),
a "Mystic 7 Card Reading"
and a "Complete" reading (10 cards).

I also have started adding in EXTRA cards:
Angel Cards
 or Goddess Cards
 to give some extra input to the person to help them.

I am committed to helping people.

As I wait for them to shuffle and think, I hold a crystal or gem-that has called to me from my pile of stones- and I pray for Guidance & Clarity by holding this thought:
"Let me help them for their Greatest and Highest Good".

A lot of people are scared when they see the Devil card or the Death card.
I teach them that the meanings are certain things....not necessarily what they have been stereotyped to think they are.

The Devil card can mean many things: Sex/Power/Lust/Greed/Illusion...
The Death card means Transformation/Beginnings/Ends/New ways of sexuality.
The Lovers card can sometimes mean Choice and following your HEART and not your head.
I like to tell them that the Hanged Man card is sort of like the Tarot equivalent to emotional or event Constipation... it makes them laugh...
"See? He's OK...he's just STUCK...he isn't going anywhere right now"...
(Sometimes just like we are at certain points of our lives. It makes sense to them.)
 When someone new comes to me for a reading, I like to put them at ease, love them, teach them, help them.
Make them laugh. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the fun and the Magick!

My view with all this, is that my job is to be a "Poor Man's Counselor".
There is worth and dignity in that.

Remember that sometimes this is as close as this person may ever come to real counseling or help with this problem.

I want the person to leave my booth with a lifted attitude that they can change their stars, remove blockages and find a better way through their problems. To find HOPE in their situation. That they can turn their blockages (once they know what they are) and to alter their destiny when they alter their attitude.

and a loving disposition....
can be a HUGE help to people in this way.
Have Fun!