Thursday, March 29, 2012

Archangel Gabriel

I have been enjoying this blog and am using it not only to speak my thoughts about things I find that are magickal , but I am also using it to research topics I am interested in.
Today I am learning about the Archangel Gabriel.
While I have some knowledge and use my Angel Cards and love them, I found out some interesting things about this Angel’s personality.
Is the only Archangel that is shown as female throughout the ages. “The Divine is My Strength.” is Gabriel’s motto.
She is the messenger Angel having brought messages to Elizabeth and Mary about the birth of their sons, John the Baptist and also Jesus in the Bible, among others.

It is said in the testimony of Joan of Arc that it was Gabriel who inspired her to go to the King of France and help lead the army to victory.

Gabriel helps with Communication. So if you are having trouble communicating to anyone, call on this special Archangel to help you clear up matters and make speaking and being understood easier for those involved!

I like her a lot because she is also the Angel of Arts and Music and Writers...
and as a performer and a writer, I can see that I will be calling on her a lot more!
She helps give inspiration, courage and limits your procrastination on projects of creativity!

Gabriel can help you find your true calling, your SOUL PURPOSE.

She can help direct you to communicate to yourself to find your own heart’s desire, your reason for being and your RIGHT PATH.

She can help you with detoxing your body of bad toxins, or by helping you detox your life of Negativity! We all need that from time to time, and we should detox now at Eostre/Easter time anyways. It is the cycle of life to do so now. Gabriel governs the bladder and the kidneys, which are our “FILTER”. So it's time to cleanse and detox those kidneys & bladder!

Here is a Detox Fast that is good for 1 day -10 days. I've done it several times over the years. In cleaning out my liver and kidneys (Gods Bless my Liver! :) it has helped me to minimize my Asthma and to not get sick as often with the viruses that everyone else gets.
Click here to get the recipe/directions for the The Master Cleanse.

Hear now Gabriel’s Horn blowing in your ear....make the Judgement Call to LISTEN.
Call on Gabriel to help you with these problems and let this Angel be your guide if you need her.

Now to find the PERFECT angel to call on about disorganized husbands....

PEACE to you my friends~


Merlyn said...

Had a reader try to leave a comment and got an error code...can you leave a comment and test this site for me? thanks, Merlyn

AutumnGale said...

Another great post! I always enjoy your blog...

Merlyn said...

Thank you AutumnGale! :)

Loona Wynd said...

I've been told that Gabriel is with me as well as Michale. I find it interesting that you view Gabriel as female as I have always seen all the arch angels and names angels of Judeo-Christian mythology to be male. Interesting.

Any way you got me interested in angels again. It was a well written post. I'll also have to check out that diet...I have gotten asthma badly over the last few years (meaning it's gotten a bit worse to the point where I am on a controller and need to get steroid pills every so often when I get a cold so I can breathe and stop coughing)