Friday, May 25, 2012

Kundalini Energy....a sexual awakening

Ok, so you've probably heard about "Sting" and his wife doing Tantric Yoga to awaken their Kundalini energy, right?

Tantric Yoga can help release Kundalini energy....

Kundalini energy is within us all and is basically a wild force of nature that is coiled up within your lower Chakras just WAITING to be tapped.

But CAREFUL there. It's been pent up a long time. You are a powerful being.

There is also a thing called "Kundalini Syndrome" where the wild energy is released.... and ...well....
people have gone MAD from it....or comatose....or are not to be reasoned with. We are talking about experienced Yogis and meditation Gurus here!

It is an untamed force that evidently needs to be tapped carefully, deliberately, within reason....

ODD huh?

You would think that tapping your sexual power would be easy, like turning on a faucet....but...wait.....

It's a faucet that you can't turn OFF when you wish. The energy rises like a coiled snake within you....
rises up the back of your lower spine....with HEAT.
It takes over your very being. Not just in sexual energy, but in POWER.
You just have to be VERY careful and respect Kundalini energy.

Here I am....turning 52 tomorrow....

My wild ass libido of my younger years....still around ...(some days...with the right mate :)

And this new year?

I think I will look into tapping this energy. Call it a project.


But VERY carefully.

I don't want to go into a coma.



what a way to go............:)

This is all I want for my 52nd birthday tomorrow.



some Tequila :)

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