Monday, July 16, 2012

Nosegays (and the Secret Language of Flowers.....)

You know... those lovely wee bouquets that brides and bridesmaids carry?
I'll let you in on a SECRET.

They are a LOVE CHARM.
Yes, we brides charmed you men.
Right up to the altar.
And afterwards as well.

Later on in Victorian days these little bouquets were called "Tussie Mussies".

There is a language of flowers, you know,  and in days of olde people knew it far better than we do today. Oh, of course we all know that roses mean "Love" ( FYI~ the color red=true love, white=innocent love, pink=sweet love,  yellow=intense emotion...etc) and that daisies are "Innocence" and so on...)

I am a minstrel and in saying that, I know for a fact, that flowers are oftimes more than just the name identification. They have meaning in their words.

In the lovely song, "Scarborough Faire", the herbs "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" all have particular significance. There is a nosegay mentioned in this lillting love ballad as a symbol of what the author of the song was looking for in a mate.

Let's look at them one by one and you'll see what I mean:

Parsley is an herb to remove "Bitterness". I you have stomach or gall bladder ills, just eat some raw parsley. Good for removing the bile in more ways than one. In marriage, having a way to dispel bad feelings in a constructive way is a very helpful way to continue working and loving someone that you live with.

Sage is the herb for "Wisdom" and "Protection", "Long life" and "Virtue". Indeed, the reason why the word "Sage" is identified with older wise people, is because it is said that "those that drink sage tea never grow old."

Rosemary is for "Remembrance" and for "true love". It is said that if a maiden leaves a plate of cornmeal under a rosemary bush on a full moon night, that in the morning, her true love's name will be scratched into the cornmeal by the branches of the rosemary bush. :)  Also rosemary is for "feminine love" which, like the plant grows strong and sturdy...but slowly.

Thyme is the herb for Fertility. It is also for bravery, courage and strength. Knights would often wear it emblazoned on their shields during the renaissance for their lady's favor.

So....if someone handsome, gives you a Primrose....he wants to love you forever.

And if he gives you Coriander....well...consider it a desire to bed you ASAP :)

Have fun in your garden of love out there!

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