Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Qi in ...Bad Qi out....

 Qi (sometimes written as "chi", and pronounced as "chee") is, in essence.... Energy.

It is Life energy or Life Force. It is a combination of breath, air, energy and spirit. It is what makes you...YOU. It is the magick serpent of energy, hard to define and yet encompassing everything.

If you have ever read anything about Feng Shui, then you know that Qi (pronounced "chee") is about the placement of objects, and the flow of energy through homes, and the placement of items in a building or the placement of the building itself.

Certain things can stop Qi from moving. Clutter, for instance, can bog down life energy, and when there is a lot of clutter, movement tends to stagnate in areas. I know this for certain, and in fact, you may feel this is true, for when we do disrupt a clutterous or messy area, clean and organize it, there is a life force that returns to the area that was not there before.

Clutter is where energy goes to die.

By keeping a clear path in front of doorways, on stairs and letting the energy move (like water would flow) then your home and business will also succeed.

We sometimes have to clean house. Literally and figuratively. This goes for counseling sessions with relationships too. Don't think of counseling as "last ditch efforts to save a relationship". Rather, think of a monthly session with a counselor or a couples' counselor as having a cleaning crew come into your situation for a little dusting and Pine Sol clean and spruce up.

It feels good like a clean room afterwards..

Sometimes, you have to dislodge old feelings and patterns of behavior, much like you have to occasionally do a dust bunny sweep from under the bed, scrub your tub or clean your car.

Keep the Qi moving.

Let it flow.

Take in a deep breath and say to yourself "Good Qi IN".....
and when you exhale, meditate and say, "Bad Qi OUT"....

It allows your body to acquire, assimilate what is needed and then eliminate what is not necessary.

For Instance~

If there is a portion of your life that is not working (or working as well as you'd like it too), be it career, appearance, health, love, creativity....then try using this theory of Qi within those realms.

Remember, what we focus on and give attention to, will flourish.

What are YOU giving attention to?

What have you NEGLECTED?
Does it need some sprucing up?

Try these ideas:

*Clean the house and open the window for success in your home life.

*Organize your desk, address book and files for business success.

*Reorganize your closet, makeup drawer and purse/wallet for happiness with self.

*Make a space special for exercise or buy yourself a new fun exercise outfit or awesome new walking shoes or sneaker for your health and sports mind. Wear them!

*Set you and your mate up with a good, kind and fun therapist for a once month touch down for your relationship.

*Get a massage as a gift to yourself for your confidence level.

*Put family pictures in lovely frames in the "Extended Family" quadrant (see grid and info below) to encourage closeness and kindred feelings.

*Place books, bookshelves and beautiful altar items in the "Knowledge & Spirituality" quadrants to promote learning and wisdom and compassion.

Is it so?

The idea/philosophy is like this in general:

If you place some belief in the need area, then you will find it lacking there.
If you organize and fill the space with it being fulfilled, it will also be so.

It is an extension of the Law of Attraction.

Here is the Grid for the Quadrants of Qi. If you consider placing it (mentally) in an overlay of the position of your home facing EAST, then you will be on track according to the theory.

You can also make each room a microcosm of the grid with a grid.

It's interesting stuff.

Now, I will say that some of it really really works. When my doorways and entrances are clutter free, energy within the house DOES move nicely and I feel good. But then again, I'm not tripping on the fecking shite that's cluttered there so THAT also makes me feel good.

Does it work?


And maybe the Feng Shui books that I currently have as shims under my bookcase on one side are also helpful.


Any way you look at...

Placement is everything. :)

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