Monday, August 6, 2012

O is for Oracle...


The word to me instantly conjurs up the Oracle of Delphi in Greek history, who prophesied and gave advice on strategy, wars, and relationships. She was a virtuous older woman of knowledge who channeled the message of Apollo to mortal men, and would do so in ravings and visions. Wars and fates were decided upon the advice of this Delphic Oracle, who, by the way, was incensed to do so after Apollo slayed the dragon Python and it's body fell into the chasm and it's fumes wafted up and gave the Oracle dreams and visions to impart.

Kewl beans.

Well, she's gone....but we can find direction, if we too, can pick up the "scent" of prophesy in our daily lives.

My personal favorite oracles are Signs, Songs, Dreams and Cards.

Signs: Surely if you ask the Universe for a sign, you will get an answer. It may not be the answer you'd like, but it will be an answer. And one that you have to be alert to receive. It may be a butterfly that alights on you, or a cloud formation in the shape of something meaningful. As I said, you have to be aware and alert to interpreting it for yourself.

Songs: So you are pondering a question or a situation. It is all you think about. You walk to your car and get in and turn the key in the ignition. The radio comes on to a song that speaks to you PERFECTLY.
Or you wake up from a dream with a song in your head. These are some of my favorite Oracles.

Dreams: These are our own inner and personal Oracles. We work out our next actions and sometimes are given advance warning of upcoming problems of life through our dreams. If you break down the dream, to it's basic form and look at the items within it as "symbols" you are able to dissect the story to solve your own personal riddles and dilemas.

Cards: When in doubt, I turn to my cards. Tarot, Goddess and Angel cards for my Oracle answers. Sometimes I ask particular questions. Sometimes I just pick a daily card. They are there for me to help guide me when confused or conflicted.

So there you are. You don't need to kill a Python, or travel to Greece on a pilgrimage to get your daily Oracle.

Tune into your own inner guidance system.  But if you want to dress in some cool, mystical robes and veil and give advice, go for it. There will always be seekers who will need to find their path.

And personally....I'm still up for a trip to Greece.

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Mary Mc said...

I for one need to be more alert to the answers and to ways to break down my dreams! I rarely even remember them but when I do I usually just feel like it was just "really weird". Doesn't say very much about my ability to channel myself now does it?
I'm up for Greece!