Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working with a Pendulum

 Would you like to get some instant answers to some of your questions or problems?

Do you believe in energy work?

Well, maybe working with a pendulum is for you.

There is energy all around us. Within us. Bustling around us. We just have to tap it.

Using a pendulum is a very old way of divining answers and one that I have used for many years.
It helps.
I'm sure you've seen it done, or have used it in some fashion before.

It has come down through the ages through wives, mothers and aunts with our curious need to know the sex of a baby yet unborn.  In this fashion, the woman takes off her wedding ring (imbued with her energy) and it is placed on a ribbon. The dangling ring is placed to hover over the pregnant mother's belly and the sex of the baby is determined in the following manner as well (altho' change the instructions for YES/NO to Girl/Boy).
Here is a very simple and easy way to do so.

You can get a pendulum at many spiritual bookstores or psychic faires. Some are very beautiful and come in various gems or stones to pick from.
You can use that for the purpose, or what I like to do is to use a favorite necklace.

My charm necklace to be precise. It is imbued with my energy and emotions and life force because I wear it so often. Do you have a favorite necklace that you wear often? That will also work.

First, you hold onto the necklace and let it dangle with about 12" length over your flat outstretched palm.

Clear your head.

Take a deep cleansing breath and let go of any worries.

Stay very STILL.

Then say outloud...and calmly (to the pendulum/necklace)
"Show me YES"
 Without moving your hand, the question will travel down to the pendulum/necklace.
The pendulum will start magickally moving in a specific direction, even though you are not making it happen. It feels the energy and reacts in kind.
The movement may be in a small circle, or it may be back and forth in a straight line.
This is now your pendulum's sign for YES- for your questions.

Make the pendulum perfectly still before preceding to the next question.

Next, say calmly (to the pendulum/necklace), 
"Show me NO".
The pendulum will move in a different a small circle, or it may be back and forth in a straight line. NOTE IT.
This is now your pendulum's sign for the opposite answer of NO for your questions.

Now that you have established what "Yes" and "No" look like, you are able to ask some particular questions.

Always formulate your question to be answered in a Yes or No format.

Still the pendulum/necklace to be perfectly quiet again before the next question is asked.

That's it.

Now go find your necklace or pendulum and try it!

Have Fun!


Tigerbrite said...

Hi , I came via your poetry blog and have enjoyed reading here. I too teach Reiki.

Merlyn Fuller said...

Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here! Feel free to roam around and put your feet up and have a cup of tea :)