Friday, October 19, 2012

Uroboros~ "To Infinity and BEYOND!" :)


Even if you don't know the word off the top of your head....

You know what I mean- if I describe it as "that symbol of a snake eating his tail."
I'm sure you've seen it on a torque, or some old artwork or maybe a tattoo on someone?

Simplified, it means, recycling, renewal or eternity. It's also got some string theory tangled up in it's worm holes. (Yes, Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory would love to chat with you about this symbol, I'm sure :)

I never knew the actual word for it till now....
That is one of the interesting boons about this Pagan Blog Project that I've been participating in for the past 10 months. I love to learn about interesting things and increase my knowledge base! I'll share with you, k?

So here we go off on an adventure!

The snake that eats itself ending itself ....while at the same time it's creating itself.

Did you get all that?
The process is ethereal and yet so very deep and also so very ancient in its history!
This symbol has been around for a LOOOONG time. It was seen in Egyptian temples dating back to 1600 b.c.e. It was part of the Gnostic information and also Western Alchemy.

Carl Jung thought it to be an archetype of the human psyche.
Still others say it is Infinity. (can't you just hear Buzz Lightyear say in "Toy Story?" "To Infinity and Beyond!").

And so it is.

Sometimes when we delve into a subject as deep as Time...
OR The Universe...
OR trying to know Ourself...

We often find that the deeper we go, the more we learn... and then we find out how little we know!

Humans need to keep learning in order to grow and evolve and find ourselves, yet here is the irony:
The more we know ourselves...
the bigger the Universe becomes...
and we find ourselves in constant renewal and rebirth.

It's an enigma that leads to a conundrum wrapped up in an ever recycling mystery!

How wonderfully ironic and tantalizing!

Some string theorists have even likened this snake symbol as the Universe. It is ever growing and expanding.  They say that different dimensions are created, when the snake (time and/or space) crosses over itself and a new worm hole is opened up to a new reality.

Again, the more we know the less we know.
We need to learn and grow and be constantly in the state of renewal.

This snake eating itself symbol was often used as the symbol for the Ace of Cups in Tarot decks. That card is about "Emotional and Spiritual Fulfillment." Completion. Knowledge.

It is also found in many cultures and in Creation myths from many traditions.

This symbol is Kundalini energy and the snake is revered as very powerful!

So it is, that when we look within, we keep getting deeper.
We learn things about our own self that may frighten or dismay us.

BUT when we push past that uncomfortable barrier, we soon find out the meaning of WHY we are the way we are. THEN we have compassion for ourselves,  and we can grow to the next step or level, in our own evolution of spiritual and emotional growth. 

When we bite our own tail....and swallow our old self....

We GROW into a new improved version of our own self.

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OathBound said...

This has been such a special symbol for me over the past few years! )O(