Friday, November 30, 2012

X Men R Us

"If you could have any Super Power.....what would it be?"  This is one of my favorite questions to ask folks.

In Marvel comics, in the early 1960s, a new breed of Superhero was created.

The X Men. In this story, some kids around the world were found to have unusual powers. "Professor Xavier" wanted to give these special kids (otherwise known as mutants to the general populace) some place to learn about and grow into their talents. Supposedly, these gifted kids had a special gene (the X gene) that they said that most humans lacked... and that is what gave them their Super Powers.

So it was- that a force for good was made- to bolster humans and protect them.
Uber Humans or as we like to call them: Super Heroes were born!

Now, while this story is just a fun romp into the entertainment realm...the idea does have merit and we've enjoyed it in other forms in our culture too.

For instance, J.K.Rowling also featured something like this with her academic institution for Wizards called "Hogwarts" where she brought together many gifted magickal children in a supportive environment so that they could learn and grow together in safety and in seclusion from prying eyes and invasive Muggle culture.

In real life, here in Muggleland, we have public and private schools, and there are all sorts of extra curricular groups and activities provided therein...but I ask you this:

"Where do Magickal people go to be supported with their "Super Powers?"

Surely, we still have them.

I'm quite sure that some of you reading this, are gifted and are more like Wizards or X Men than you think you are. Whether you are a "Sheldon" type with  a photographic memory and a penchant for science...\

Or maybe you are an Empath or a Healer....

Or maybe you are a bit psychic and can pick up on vibes or know who is calling you on the phone before you pick it up.

Or maybe you are a Horse or Animal Whisperer.

We ALL carry some gift that makes us unique from everyone else. It may be our personality, or a special talent (voice/creativity/empathy/ideas/words) but we all are gifted with something.

Some folks even have the gift of bringing chaos to order... and vice versa. The Universe is unknowable and who knows why we are the way we are and why we are given the gifts that we have?

What I'm getting at here is this: While we enjoy being entertained by something like "The X Men", there is really more truth to it than we give it credit for.

So back to my question: "What IS the Super Power that you would ask for?"

Maybe the particular Super Power that we crave is a clue to the ability we may lack and thusly desire in our lives for other reasons.

I once asked a friend this same question (as I said, it's one of my favorite questions :) about what Super Power would he want if he could have any.

His answer was "To control the property of water." The reasoning for his choice was this: "Because if you could control the property of water, you could control the human race, as we are made up of 65% water. You could freeze water or turn it into steam and thus you could stop that person. Any person."


But more interesting than that is to note that this particular friend was out of control himself. He knows it deep within. What he may have been saying (even if he didn't understand it at the time) was that HE needed the control in HIS life.. which is (in my honest opinion) at the time of this writing, he is also at least 65% out of control by his own measurements.

What I'm suggesting here is that our wish to have a specific Super Power is sometimes a way to communicate with our own self.  And that is one way we heal ourselves and thusly, heal the world.

My personal wish for a Super Power? Can I have two? Oh sure. I wish for Invisibility and Teleportation.

The reason for these in particular?
Well, I am mostly an open that's the reason for my need for Invisibility. I want stealth because I feel too "open" sometimes. I want some anonymity. But I probably won't get it, because I'm in the public a lot. But that doesn't mean that I can't wish for an Invisibility Cloak! :)
Teleportation? Oh this is definately my yearning to travel without winning the lottery. I'd like to have a Genie power that (blink) I'm in Paris! (blink) I'm in Greece! (blink) I'm in Venice!

So I ask you again: "If you could have any Super Power.....what would it be?"

Then ponder WHY do you need it.....and WHAT would you and the world gain from it?

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