Sunday, January 6, 2013

StoryBook visits The Frog Prince

For our first story of the year, we had a "quickie."

Yes, that's right. A short tale of a simple theme...The Frog Prince.

We all came to the the first 3 minutes that the Frog Prince story is about SEX.

The golden ball that the Princess flirts with and loses in the well....all very much an allegory to her playing with sexuality...the frog turning into a Prince AFTER he visits her bed...

It was a fun, easy piecing together of THIS theme! Quick though it was...and we've all been partying a LOT lately, so an early night was ok with us all. But we so enjoyed coming together to pick it apart!

Lots of great fun, bawdy banter, a quick movie of The Frog Prince starring Robin Williams and directed by Shelly Duval!
Our table and centerpiece and food came together as always!

Here's our "well", complete with Kissing Frog, Princess and Golden Ball in the woods!

 Food was great! There was "Frog's Legs", "Lily Pads, Flies on a log, "Caked Dirt", Pickled Frogs, Split Pea soup with Ham, Turkey Soup, Swamp Bread and Green Tea and Wine! Merlyn also pushed leftover Holiday goodies for dessert. HAVE SOME FUDGE...please.... :)
Enchanted Froggies....mmmmm

Next month we've chosen a story which is a LOT more complicated....

Stay Tuned for Rumplestiltskin!

What a bizzare character and story!

See you then!

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