Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY~ Bali Retreat: Special Treat for Finale!

What could be more perfect to end my week of the "DIY~ Spiritual, Whole-y, SelfFILLness Bali Retreat" than with going to this event!

Kundalini Yoga Event and Concert Nov. 17th, 2013!

My friend and I just bought tickets to both the Workshop and the Concert, which coincidentally (? :) is the same day as my designated end to my wild hair idea for the Bali Staycation!

I think NOT. :)

I first heard Nirinjan Kaur's music that came to me in a link from my Youtube channel. It was on the same page with Doreen Virtue's trip to Glastonbury. So, yah, I clicked on it. I guess the link came to magickally from something I signed up for on a Yoga binge :)

I LOVE this song. It is so meditative.

Give it a listen.

Nirinjan Kaur Singing "I Am" at Sat Nam Fest East 2013

Join Me? :)

$45. tickets. Get them now, or they'll be gone....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY~ Bali Retreat : Acquiring the materials

Hey Ho my friends and fellow virtual travelers!

Have you been thinking on the Bali Retreat Idea?

I have. I posted the elements yesterday that I wanted to include in my personal week's Quest.

So, now, I'm thinking on how to acquire them for little or no money. Remember, we can do this and draw it to ourselves, and make it happen if we really want it!

Here are some ideas that I've been amassing and implementing (shown in Parenthesis)

Juicing for breakfast  (have juicer, not afraid to use it! :)

Healthy meals eaten with focus (will feature more Whole Foods. "God Food" (if it it... if not...don't)

Yoga (DVDs/Videos that I own or am ordering thru my Netflix or County Library card)

Nature walks (will make an effort to get to Beaver Lake and Baltimore Woods for a lovely fall walk during that week)

Listening to relaxing sounds (rounding up some Meditative music and Gregorian chant CDs. Also considering signing up for a Kundalini Yoga experience and concert on Nov. 17th. Have to get ticket yet!)

Playing music or drumming (easily done as a musician for me, but making some time for fun and not just practice)

Cleansing and pampering body techniques  (surfing online for home spa remedies)

Cleansing and pampering Spirit techniques  (Guided meditations, grounding and also going to watch some favorite movies, such as "Eat, Pray, Love" and "South Pacific" to get me in the Bali Mood!)

Swimming in turquoise water  (my work out of the blue offered its employees a "free week" at the YMCA coupon! I'm saving it for the week of Nov. 10-17 and will be able to go swimming! Also a 9am yoga class on that Saturday. I will stop in before the week noted and find out what all they offer!)

Sunshine (I already have a tanning membership. I need sunshine or else I suffer from SAD -Seasonal Affective Disorder. This week, I will up my dose a bit to go to the Tropics and imagine myself lying on the beach!)

Dancing- Yoga Body Movement (have some DVDs but I am going to make a selection and put it on my Spotify and dance at home daily that week for a bit!)

Fiiiiyaaaah  (an evening bonfire for a bit each nite in my firepit!)

Reading books and/or watching/listening to Positive Empowering lectures(have ordered MANY from the library and on Netflix)

Meditation (planning on starting my morning every day with this first thing for 10 minutes)

Disconnect from media (easier said than done, granted, but am getting my work email and only posting these blogs and will get right OFF when done)

Connecting more deeply to Inner Spirit/Intuition


Vision board and Journaling/ Creative Expression

Hydrate (will increase my water intake)

Cool clothes/wraps/different fashion(taking more care about what I wear, and if I haven't worn something in awhile, I'm going to wear stuff I don't normally wear and feature fun stuff! Especially bright colors of the Tropics this week! Hot pinks! Turquoise! Yellow!)

A glass of good red wine savored.(ONE, Merlyn. ONE.)

Herbal Supplements 
For myself, I need more B vitamin (who doesn't?) I am also low on D. Natural green if possible.

Adventure- go someplace new. I'm thinking of the Art Museum to see some new exhibits.


REST/Good Sleep (bedtime of 10pm after a hot bath nightly) And naps if I can get them!

Just wanted to give you some ideas on how to implement!

How is your list coming along? Found some ingenious ways to add some tropical rest to your upcoming Retreat week?

Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY~ Bali Retreat Elements

Hey ho!

Been busy and need some downtime?  Me too. Time to refuel.

So, as in my last blog here, I put forth the idea of a "Do It Yourself Bali Spiritual Virtual Retreat."
Which basically is me (or you) imagining self in Bali at a Holistic Spiritual retreat and taking some of those elements and making it happen.



I am aiming for the target date of Nov.10 -17 that I can set aside for myself to disconnect and plug in. Granted, I still have to go to work, but my Intention is for it to be:
 a stay at home, turn within, pamper self, learning, empowering, fit growing time.
For ME.

For you, at your own place if you like. I'm supplying ideas here on what I'm doing on this my next fun wild hair!


my next step was to envision what things I would want to focus on, in order to do something like this "Staycation" at home.

If I were to go to Bali on a Holistic Spiritual Retreat, I imagine that I would experience:

Juicing for breakfast
Healthy meals eaten with focus
Nature walks
Listening to relaxing sounds
Playing music or drumming
Cleansing and pampering body techniques
Cleansing and pampering Spirit techniques 
Swimming in turquoise water
Dancing- Yoga Body Movement
Reading books and/or watching/listening to Positive Empowering lectures
Disconnect from media 
Vision board and Journaling/ Creative Expression
Cool clothes/wraps/different fashion
A glass of good red wine savored.
Herbal Supplements (in whatever way is necessary for you) 
For myself, I need more B vitamin (who doesn't?) I am also low on D, and I would also have some natural green. I mean, afterall, I'm in BALI.  It too is medicinal for me. 
Adventure- go someplace new
REST/Good Sleep.

Yah, so those are my Must Haves on my list!

Now the next step is to figure out how to get all those awesome things on my Wish List, while planted here in CNY during the oncoming winter season.

I am working on these ideas, and coming up with some awesome ideas!

Will share more next time!

How are you coming on your list? :)

Leave me a comment and let me know!

In the meantime......

A friend sent me this wee meditation.

Soak in this picture right NOW:

"Warm breezes fingering their way threw your hair. Hearing in the winds a soft melodious voice singing so, so soft and lifting - calling, calling us to enter in this harmonious joining of earth, sun, water, and sky-basking in its beauty. Salty air from the ocean wafting into the nostrils and helping us to breath in more deeply then ever before and slowly letting it out... tasting the salt in the mouth ever-so-slightly. Coconut tree's dancing, swaying with hot sand beneath your feet, until you walk into the water, and lay down at the waters edge letting the sand embrace you... and the water lap over you in gentle waves. While watching the water birds fly above and swoop down swiftly into the ocean getting their fish. Clouds drifting languorously, sleepy, like a dream that envelopes you gently and gives a gentle kiss to let you know no harm will be done. Being in the sweet harmony of nature, love, and light."

Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Bali Retreat~

Ok, so I saw a website from a Healer that is offering a week of Healthful, Spiritual Retreats to Bali.

Think on that.  A WEEK in BALI.
Yoga, sunshine, turquoise waters, nature walks, healthful food, lectures, meditation, reading books and naps in the shade.

Yah, I would so love that. I think you would too? But Bali has to wait a bit longer for me at this point, yet there's no reason why we can't make this a bit of a reality!

I'm offering to you, at no cost, (just some of your own time invested in yourself in your own life) a
"Do It Yourself Whole-Y SelfFILLness Spiritual Healthy Retreat!"

We may not be able to actually board a plane for Bali, 

I have picked a target week.  

Sunday November 10 through Sunday November 17, 2013

It's before the busy holidays for us to Ground and Center ourselves. 
It is the Changing of the Seasons. Always a good time for detox and taking some time to adjust.

Yes, I still have to work. I am trying to plan it ANYWAYS.

I will take you on this Journey Quest with me, if you want to read about it...
or you can actually pack your Spiritual bags, do the exercises as I do and go on your own Journey!

So to catch you up to date, I will let you know what I'm doing now to prep myself for it.
You can jump in anytime and join me (and anyone else who wants the adventure)

Exercise #1

Clear your plate.
The time is now, to start removing obstacles and clearing that week of anything but the absolute necessity. If you have to work, do so! I do too. How'ere, there's a lot of shite that I don't "have" to do, but end up doing. I'm using my time now till the November 10th date to get stuff done. Like clean my house, do the yard work, not schedule appointments for my target date and only commit to what is a "must do".

Exercise #2

Imagine what a lovely Spiritual Healthy Retreat in Bali might mean to you, personally. Think of the elements that would: Inspire, Heal, Relax and Energize You. 

Make a List of all the things-whatever they are-and write them down. 

I will share my list with you tomorrow. 

Please feel free to share your list here as well.

In the meantime, I leave you with this song to get you started!