Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY~ Bali Retreat Elements

Hey ho!

Been busy and need some downtime?  Me too. Time to refuel.

So, as in my last blog here, I put forth the idea of a "Do It Yourself Bali Spiritual Virtual Retreat."
Which basically is me (or you) imagining self in Bali at a Holistic Spiritual retreat and taking some of those elements and making it happen.



I am aiming for the target date of Nov.10 -17 that I can set aside for myself to disconnect and plug in. Granted, I still have to go to work, but my Intention is for it to be:
 a stay at home, turn within, pamper self, learning, empowering, fit growing time.
For ME.

For you, at your own place if you like. I'm supplying ideas here on what I'm doing on this my next fun wild hair!


my next step was to envision what things I would want to focus on, in order to do something like this "Staycation" at home.

If I were to go to Bali on a Holistic Spiritual Retreat, I imagine that I would experience:

Juicing for breakfast
Healthy meals eaten with focus
Nature walks
Listening to relaxing sounds
Playing music or drumming
Cleansing and pampering body techniques
Cleansing and pampering Spirit techniques 
Swimming in turquoise water
Dancing- Yoga Body Movement
Reading books and/or watching/listening to Positive Empowering lectures
Disconnect from media 
Vision board and Journaling/ Creative Expression
Cool clothes/wraps/different fashion
A glass of good red wine savored.
Herbal Supplements (in whatever way is necessary for you) 
For myself, I need more B vitamin (who doesn't?) I am also low on D, and I would also have some natural green. I mean, afterall, I'm in BALI.  It too is medicinal for me. 
Adventure- go someplace new
REST/Good Sleep.

Yah, so those are my Must Haves on my list!

Now the next step is to figure out how to get all those awesome things on my Wish List, while planted here in CNY during the oncoming winter season.

I am working on these ideas, and coming up with some awesome ideas!

Will share more next time!

How are you coming on your list? :)

Leave me a comment and let me know!

In the meantime......

A friend sent me this wee meditation.

Soak in this picture right NOW:

"Warm breezes fingering their way threw your hair. Hearing in the winds a soft melodious voice singing so, so soft and lifting - calling, calling us to enter in this harmonious joining of earth, sun, water, and sky-basking in its beauty. Salty air from the ocean wafting into the nostrils and helping us to breath in more deeply then ever before and slowly letting it out... tasting the salt in the mouth ever-so-slightly. Coconut tree's dancing, swaying with hot sand beneath your feet, until you walk into the water, and lay down at the waters edge letting the sand embrace you... and the water lap over you in gentle waves. While watching the water birds fly above and swoop down swiftly into the ocean getting their fish. Clouds drifting languorously, sleepy, like a dream that envelopes you gently and gives a gentle kiss to let you know no harm will be done. Being in the sweet harmony of nature, love, and light."

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