Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY~ Bali Retreat: Special Treat for Finale!

What could be more perfect to end my week of the "DIY~ Spiritual, Whole-y, SelfFILLness Bali Retreat" than with going to this event!

Kundalini Yoga Event and Concert Nov. 17th, 2013!

My friend and I just bought tickets to both the Workshop and the Concert, which coincidentally (? :) is the same day as my designated end to my wild hair idea for the Bali Staycation!

I think NOT. :)

I first heard Nirinjan Kaur's music that came to me in a link from my Youtube channel. It was on the same page with Doreen Virtue's trip to Glastonbury. So, yah, I clicked on it. I guess the link came to magickally from something I signed up for on a Yoga binge :)

I LOVE this song. It is so meditative.

Give it a listen.

Nirinjan Kaur Singing "I Am" at Sat Nam Fest East 2013

Join Me? :)

$45. tickets. Get them now, or they'll be gone....

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