Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Bali Retreat~

Ok, so I saw a website from a Healer that is offering a week of Healthful, Spiritual Retreats to Bali.

Think on that.  A WEEK in BALI.
Yoga, sunshine, turquoise waters, nature walks, healthful food, lectures, meditation, reading books and naps in the shade.

Yah, I would so love that. I think you would too? But Bali has to wait a bit longer for me at this point, yet there's no reason why we can't make this a bit of a reality!

I'm offering to you, at no cost, (just some of your own time invested in yourself in your own life) a
"Do It Yourself Whole-Y SelfFILLness Spiritual Healthy Retreat!"

We may not be able to actually board a plane for Bali, 

I have picked a target week.  

Sunday November 10 through Sunday November 17, 2013

It's before the busy holidays for us to Ground and Center ourselves. 
It is the Changing of the Seasons. Always a good time for detox and taking some time to adjust.

Yes, I still have to work. I am trying to plan it ANYWAYS.

I will take you on this Journey Quest with me, if you want to read about it...
or you can actually pack your Spiritual bags, do the exercises as I do and go on your own Journey!

So to catch you up to date, I will let you know what I'm doing now to prep myself for it.
You can jump in anytime and join me (and anyone else who wants the adventure)

Exercise #1

Clear your plate.
The time is now, to start removing obstacles and clearing that week of anything but the absolute necessity. If you have to work, do so! I do too. How'ere, there's a lot of shite that I don't "have" to do, but end up doing. I'm using my time now till the November 10th date to get stuff done. Like clean my house, do the yard work, not schedule appointments for my target date and only commit to what is a "must do".

Exercise #2

Imagine what a lovely Spiritual Healthy Retreat in Bali might mean to you, personally. Think of the elements that would: Inspire, Heal, Relax and Energize You. 

Make a List of all the things-whatever they are-and write them down. 

I will share my list with you tomorrow. 

Please feel free to share your list here as well.

In the meantime, I leave you with this song to get you started!

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