Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY~ Bali Retreat Staycation....Prepping for takeoff

Let me preface this by saying that overall, I take pretty good care of myself and my Mate.
But I hate taking vitamins.

I also am a big one for Self Help books, tapes and videos. I love learning new things. I read and cook and do...all the time.

But in advance preparation for my "DIY~ Bali Retreat Staycation" (done here at home) I've been ordering a lot of library books, DVDs, CDs and also gathering what I have here at home.

But first....
the vitamins. Dr. Andrew Weil, offers some amazingly honest and practical info on health and diet.
I like him. He looks like Santa and I trust him. He is also not rail thin, nor pumped with over the top muscles, but is a healthy fit man.
Dr. Weir says that everyday we should take:

~A multivitamin
~ C
~Fish Oil
I am also throwing in a supplement for my Adrenals.

And that's a LOT of pills when you look at them.

They also make me feel queasy when I take them...and fiddle farting around with them and all those containers makes me feel really peutrid.
So... what I did to alleviate this conundrum......I bought one of those compartmentalized pill/vitamin dispensers at the Dollar Store. Sat down last Sunday night for 5 minutes and made up a weeks worth of vitamins.
I take them with my breakfast meal....(or the dinner meal if I forget :)
So far so good....

I am also prepping my cupboards and larder for more "Whole Food" cooking once again.
Or "God's Food" as I call it....and less "Man's Food" (processed). 
I'm also taking this opportunity to learn about another culture, foreign to me. "Readiness to Learn" if you will. And I found out that the Balinese eat a diet heavy on grains, fruits and veggies. Meat is added TO something, not as a main dish. And I've been eating a diet much the same for the last year.
(ok, with some chips from time to time... :)

So, I took the time to shop, and cleaned out and organized my pantry....

Bought more real grains, beans, seeds to cook with. Will buy some tropical fruits next week, along with some more avocados and odd veggies. I haven't really ever had Thai food before...
but am willing to try new things. 
Like....I intend on trying this Peanut Sauce...and taking myself out for Thai or Balinese Food next week.
Who wants to go out to eat with me? Mike? Lynn? :)

 Also got a hell of a deal on Hummus at the grocery store....
buy 2 get 3 free! That will help with munchies and wraps...
Also, I'm planning on having some Detox Tea every morning...and Turmeric Milk in the evening.

Am fighting an earache, so am also going to cleanse with my Netti Pot daily, as well as Hot baths, Scrubs, Oils, Massage, Swimming and Tanning....

 So, for the rest of this week...

I'm finding my Yoga and Pilates DVDs, and CDs...
Also lining up some movies....
Like "The King & I" and "Anna and the King"...."Eat, Pray, Love"....
"South Pacific"....and setting aside some Yoga/Meditation/Chant sort of music for relaxation therapy.

And trying to get all the laundry and yard work done...
(I will still have to work, and practice Christmas music...and we are recording a Kids CD too...) in between times...

but am making the time for ME coming up and I'm excited!!

How are you doing out there??

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