Sunday, November 2, 2014

Be careful or Jenny Greenteeth will get you...

Jenny Greenteeth & Peg Powler

Bizarre names for bizarre elementals. At our October StoryBook Club meeting, we did a little research on these two (sorta related) creature features for our monthly theme. 

A Celtic and Germanic cautionary tale....they are odd monstrous fae that are (most times) female, have long stringy green seaweed type hair, long clutch claws, big teeth, and live in stagnant bogs & ponds (or slow moving rivers). 

They lie and wait at the edge of the water line for naughty children (or adults) and when they are close enough, they snatch them by their legs and drag the unwary into the murky depths, drown them…and eat them. 

We deducted that most likely these stories fell into the “be careful, children, of the water” (not because of Jenny Greenteeth or Peg Powler, but because of the danger of drowning. But children love the water, so Jenny or Peg would more likely put the fear of God into a child, more so…and thus…the tales. 

There were a few other tales from round the globe, but these creatures were oddtastical, indeed! And hard to find much on them at all, tho’ we did find several references. 

We dined on green kale, coleslaw, breads, split pea soup, absinthe (the “green fairy”), absinthe cake, green mint meringue. And other green foods. 

We enjoyed the food, the gossip, and the tales of these concerning creatures.
Next month, in time for Thanksgiving, we will be visiting the tale of “Pocohantas.” 

Till then.....

Stay away from the creek or Jenny Greenteeth will get you...