Friday, November 18, 2016

Big news!

My latest book, "The Merlinian Legend"

a tale about the life and love of Merlin the Magician, Mage to Kings....

It's in the news!  YAY!

I mean....

Click here to read about it from aaduna Publishing! The Merlinian Legend in the news!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Anyone can write a book".....

Did I get your attention with the title? I hope so. I have just finished writing my second book, and when I published my first one I was walking on air, as I know I will be when this next one comes out!

Oh there is so much to do when you take on a gigantic project like writing a book. First there is the kernel of an idea, which has to germinate until it grows into a full blown seedling and able to grow somewhat on its own.

Then there is the actual formalized structure, your story line, research, research, research....the time spent daydreaming about characters while you go about your daily routine, thinking of scenarios while you drive to work, do your laundry, go to sleep at night...

then comes fighting with the outline until you have a perfect bare bones guideline that will still let you create as you go, the hours of writing, the kabillion hours of editing. Once you get this far, its time to enlist other help in the form of copy editing, computer whizzes, artists, graphic artists...

You stretch yourself to do more than you think you can, and then come the inevitable rejections of files, the reworking, the nail biting, more editing, adjusting colors, fonts, margins, gutters, bios, pics....

Finally, finally, you get a book in your hands.


You are exhilarated and you walk on air! You mention it to an acquaintance that you finally got your book published and they dismiss you with an "Oh...anyone can write a book."

At first it takes the wind out of your sails. Sails that you have fought the wind so hard for....
then you realize that they may just be jealous and trying to dismiss your accomplishment.

So you think to yourself...."Well, maybe anyone can write a book....but do they? Did YOU?"
(You know you are dying to say it to the person who bitch slapped you, but you don't...because.... are nice and they are not to say such things.)

But later on, you get to thinking.....

Maybe everyone can write a book, but they don't.
Maybe they want to, though, and maybe they really should.
Maybe you can help them.

Yes, in retrospect, you realize that writing has now completely consumed your life while in the process.....
You've probably pissed off someone along the way, for not paying enough attention while you were typing or focusing on your project or because you actually have been all about your project and not all about them or something...who knows. If so, I am sorry. But it's really like being pregnant. When you are pregnant, that's all you can freaking think about. 

You try not to tell your friends too much when you talk about book, and know that you aren't doing a very good job of it. It's really hard to be proud of something without coming off being "prideful."

So, you distance yourself on talking about it,  but only enough to get them curious enough to read your stuff.

And you very much hope they will.

You also very much hope that they enjoy it.

Like....a LOT.

Mostly because you've had your nose up in your own writing for so long, and it's such a solitary journey and you wonder how other people will like being along on the ride of the trip once they crack open the itinerary and start traveling along the pages.

So if I have driven any of you crazy with my postings, about my latest book coming out soon,
or if you think I'm being cryptic by not releasing too much info,
or if you are sick to death of hearing about how its coming along,
or if you can't wait to get your hands on it and it seems forever till its out and you can get it...

PLEASE know that I am doing it only because this baby book is brand new like an infant. I want it to be perfect as it can be. Ready for you. Ready for company.

I have been nurturing it and protecting it until it "grows up enough" to sit on a shelf with it's other sibling, my first book.

And please also know that I want to have a big family of books.

So now, back to the person who said to me the first day I published, in a most snotty voice,
"Anyone can write a book." I felt like I'd been slapped.

I then spoke to several other authors, and then got the other angle. When I told them I self published, they gave me the disapproving looks over their noses and said, "(ahem) it's not really published unless it's with a major publishing company..."

But as I now look at the finish line of my next book coming within a year of starting the process....
it occurs to me that maybe anyone can write their own book!

And Self Publishing Houses and Print On Demand (POD) are huge now! They are loosing that stigma of being the red headed step child in the publishing world. MANY big things are coming from Self Published Authors! You could be one too!
I encourage you all to write, and to try the process. To create a thing from scratch, to build it the way you want, to decorate it, design it, just to your own specifications....Not what an editor wants...but what YOU want it to look like, feel like, be like.
What an awesome experience to hold in your hand, consider it a gift to the world with this...
 a whole completely new thing that has never been in existence until you made it!'s a freaking RUSH!!

Yes, and a pain in the ass to do. And a lot of people don't do it because they are scared, or too busy, or don't think it will sell or maybe they are afraid of failure....or maybe they are afraid it will succeed...

But you'll never know until you try.
And I promise, that I will help you in any way that I can.
For I would never slap you down on your path of creativity, but I encourage others to also do what I have done...and will do again.
Consider me addicted to writing and the process. I am hooked. :)

Stay tuned for more info on the looming release of "The Merlinian Legend!"