Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magickal Mischief Tour!

Well, it's that time of year again when Harry & I put on our traveling shoes and pack up gear and garb and
push off for points SOUTH.

Sunny Florida!!

Harry & I  will be playing music at the Fort Myers Kiwanis Medieval Faire weekends Jan14-15 and 21-22.

The car is as good as it's gonna be for the trip.
So far this year, my Suburu Forrester has had:
A head gasket replaced, fixed the catalytic converters, a new radiator, oil change, and a new water pump.
Probably a few other things too...I can't remember.

Oh yah, a front end alignment, but they can't figure out why it shakes a bit over 50.

I'm 51, so I sort understand it :)

We are going to be pushing off, on a wing and a prayer next Tuesday.

I will try to blog along the way or here and there to tell you about the MAGICK we find along the way!
If you would like to follow us on our band journey, please join my "Merlyn's Musings" blog at my sister page:

I will post any special magickal happening here :)

On the agenda while in Florida catching up midweek with long lost family and close friends...
and a trip to Universal's Harry Potter's Hogwarts!!!
WOOOOT! Talk about Magick!!

Generally, we are perfect traveling companions, as we enjoy the traveling, as long as the transportation isn't an issue...

Here are some of the Tour Names from yesteryears...

2004        The” Dear God I hope the Van will make it there” Tour

This is the trip when our blue van's transmission was going and we went thru a CASE of  oil on the trip...
and thusly.....
Also several subsequent bottles of Absolute Vodka :)

2005          The “Southern Acoustic” Tour   

With a vehicle that had no (knock on wood) problems!

      2006         The “All Lasagna” Tour   

This is the trip where Harry decided to sample Lasanga at every restaurant that we stopped in :)

2007    The “Titties and Beer” Tour

Caravanning down with Ben Beavers. Nuf’ said. :)

2008  The “Cottage’s Maiden Voyage” Tour

Our 1978  new to us camper trip. Complete with him losing the steering wheel WHILE DRIVING.

2009  The “Kit’n’Kaboodle Oodle of Schnoodle” Tour   

We brought everything…the kitchen sink…and Monty’s first real Road Dog Trip!!!

2010  “Santa’s Holiday”

With Harry’s white beard recently grown long for Christmas Santa gigs… we were frequently asked if he was, indeed, Santa. And our musician friend,  Jay Michaels, was his “Head Elf”.
2011      “Fire & Ice- Circle of Life” Tour on which we saw all of that and so much more!
Usually, we don't listen to music much on the drive (too much talk or Jesus Radio in the southern states...)
we practice singing while we drive, and polish up a bunch of acapella pieces.
I always share a book I'm reading with Harry, by reading outloud to him as he drives.
On this "Magickal Mischief Tour",  our elective "Hogwarts Textbooks" of choice are:
"Faery Tale: One Woman's Search for Enchantment in a Modern World" by Signe Pike
"The Wizardology Handbook: A Course for Apprentices" by Candlewick Press
and "Super Nature" by Lyall Watson. These should really get us thinking and appreciating the magick that is all around us!

Usually, Harry takes a 1000 pictures while he drives at 60mph, hanging out the window, or snapping pics in front of my face..
How'ere, this year, the camera situation is fubared.
So, we shall see....maybe one will magickally present itself to us!


On a wondrous AUDIBLE note:

Our 10th CD is DONE! "Christmas Presence" was finished just last night :)
We are stuffing it in along with us for the ren faire.
And's not LATE for Christmas.

It's EARLY! :)

So, with hope in our hearts, and song on our lips we shall sally forth.

Gods Willing and the Creek don't RISE :)

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