Friday, February 10, 2012

Ceromancy (Wax Divination)

'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things: 
of shoes and ships - 
and sealing wax
of cabbages and kings." ~ Lewis Carroll

Ceromancy is a fancy word for Wax Divination.

I'd like you to come along with me for intuitive FUN!

Have I ever told you the story about my Great Aunt Billy?
She was my Grandmother's sister on the French Canadian side of my father's family.
A bit of a character (apples don't fall far from the tree do they? :)
and she spoke French for most of the time I was around her as a child.

Well, Aunt Billy read tea leaves (which is called Tasseography).
She would only read them for: "Women of marrying age".

I always wished I were older when she did this when I was little so I could find out about ME too.....
but I was never old enough....
When I WAS older, I found out that the symbols for tea leaf reading & those of wax divining were the same!

But surely I digress... :)

Back to Ceromancy or Wax Divination:

You will need:

*A candle
 *Some essential oil (I like patchouli for the grounding effect)
*A bowl of water
*A spoon
 *A towel

Take a candle for your purposes and say a blessing over it.  Rub the candle with some oil to dedicate it for your purpose.
Lite the candle with a prayer of Goodness for some Insight.
Once the wax has started to melt a bit...
Ask a Question:
I usually like to ask in a broad manner ....something like:
"Tell me about............" (include subject or area of interest).

Then take your spoon and swirl the water....clockwise.

Pick up your candle....ask question again....and drip a small amount of wax into the water.
Take the spoon and carefully lift the wax shapes out of the swirling water.

You can interpret using the symbols below....
You should also keep an open mind to what some symbols mean TO YOU.

Maybe an "anchor" may mean a weight or you...
Or a "bridge" may be a time of crossing over to a new situation...
a "Moon" may mean a month's time...
a "spider web" may mean lies....
a "snake" may mean kundalini sexual power...

Get the idea? :)

Remember to keep an Open Mind and have FUN! :)

Airplane: A trip
Anchor: Your loved one is faithful.
Ball: Your problem will roll away.
Bed: A restful holiday would be good for you.
Bells: A wedding.
Bird: News is coming.
Bridge: Time to take a chance.
Broom: Time to sweep in a change.
Candle: Spiritual growth.
Chain: Go ahead with your plans.
Circle: Time of reconciliation.
Cloud: Something or someone threatens you with a stormy situation.
Cross: You are protected.
Ear: Listen for opportunities to advance in your work.
Egg: There will soon be new developments.
Fan: A surprise is coming.
Feather: The problem will be solved.
Ghost: Someone from the past is looking for you.
Grass: Good fortune grows.
Heart: Friendship becomes love.
House: Better times are coming.
Leaf: There will soon be changes.
Lion: An unpleasant situation.
Moon: More money may be coming.
Mountain: Close friends are willing to help.
Pen: Letter from a friend or relative.
Ring: Marriage may happen in the near future.
Scissors: Separation.
Snake: Beware.
Spider web: Pleasant occurrences.
Star: Happiness.
Sun: Good fortune.
Table: An abundance of blessings.
Tree: A good time for new ventures.
Walking Stick: Go and visit friends.
Wheel: Travel, or someone journeys home soon.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! I am a new follower for sure! I really, really enjoyed this post. I have been making candles for almost 20 years now and never heard of wax divination. Heard of divining with the flame but never the wax! I think I might start to include a little bit of this info with my candles! Great post! So far it's my favorite!

Sparrow said...

I really liked your post. Have you ever considered divining from the shadow of the wax on the bottom of the bowl before lifting it out of the water? I followed your directions and my answer turned out to be in the shadow shape and not in the wax. Thanks for posting. Your directions were a lot better than mine. LOL!

Homelight said...

I have heard of divining the wax drippings after a candle has been burt to its end. But never this way. Hmmm this sounds like fun.

Harzgeist said...

My family's always doing wax divinations on New Year's Eve. Like Sparrow said, we also use the shadow of our wax objects to divine what the coming year will bring.

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful!!!
I will definetly try that!!!

Anonymous said...

I used a upside glass novena candle of San Miguel to reverse what my enemie had done to me. The candle wax in the inside made an Angel wing extrending San miguels own wing where her carries his sword. Does this mean he will awswer my request in returning my enemys evil back to them?

Merlyn Fuller said...

It is very likely...but at the very least, angels are protecting you.