Friday, February 24, 2012


The word "Deasil" is Gaelic meaning: "Sunwise" or "Clockwise"

(Some people spell it Deosil, but the correct spelling, evidently is Deasil).

But surely I digress :)

Widdershins means Counterclockwise.

(But reverse both those terms and directions if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Got that?

Good :)

We do lots of things in life in clockwise motion, winding clocks, tighten a bolt, Calling Quarters, drawing a "circle" with sage or an imaginary line, playing "Duck Duck Goose" are all done in a clockwise (deasil) motion.

It helps us to "go with the flow".

It's a natural direction.

It's easy.

I even use this clockwise directional input in my cleaning.
Cleaning, Merlyn?
You know when you have to clean a room and it's overwhelming?
Try this to make it more manageable.
Start the process by decreeing a point in the room as "12 o'clock".
Then start there and go deasil (clockwise) round the room until you reach your starting point again.

It's orderly, it's goes with the flow...
and nobody gets hurt. :)

Although I just LOVE the word "Widdershins"...
and think that if I ever get another cat I should like to name him that.
But he'd probably just end up chasing his tail round and round counter clockwise :)
Click here for some spinning deasil and widdershins cats!! :)

So now you know a couple new words! :)
Thanks for reading and remember....

Deasil= Clockwise
Widdershins- Counter Clockwise
Except in the Southern Hemisphere :)

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

Widdershins always gives me goosebumps whenever I say the word...... :)