Wednesday, March 21, 2012

F is for Frankincense

I'd like to ramble about one of my favorite smells in the whole world.


It is an exotic resin from the East and comes from the scraggly Botswellia tree.
They strip the bark from the tree and the resin "bleeds' out and hardens into "tears". These rock "tears" harden into the resin that is burned. The Botswellia tree is known for being so hardy that it can grow in the even the most inhospitable climates, sometimes out of solid rock! Amazing!

The resulting aromatic smokey resin from this Mediterranean tree has been used in spiritual practices for thousands of years, being mentioned repeatedly in the Bible, the Talmud and the Koran.

It was one of the Gifts of the Magi, those Wise Magic Men from the East who noted the birth of Jesus in the stars. It was a gift of great importance, right up there with GOLD and costly Myrrh.

I cannot sing the praises of Frankincense enough! It is truly a most wondrous scent!
To describe it, I would say that it is woody with a sweet, heady perfume that lingers. When I smell it, it causes me to instantly relax, much like Nag Champa incense and Dragon's Blood resin do when I burn them. I like to use Frankincense to cleanse my home, and it fills my house with an earthy goodness and grounds me.

It is reminiscent to me of the quiet solitude of Cathedrals and brings about a reverence and a spiritual awakening.
There is definately an aged wisdom and depth of spirit embodied in this resin. It cleanses and relaxes and opens up your mind, body and spirit to receiving goodness and virtue. This woody scent from the East is as old as Mount Sinai and enhances the connection with the Divine and will help you connect with your inner peace.

Frankincense also prepares you for sexual ecstasy! It heightens awareness and elevates personal and spiritual feelings! It accelerates spiritual growth and helps with meditation. It clears the crown Chakra.

When I say "it grounds you", I mean it. You feel like you can move mountains and you can conquor the world in quiet ways of a sage wise Yogi. Frankincense releases any negative energies within you or your environment.

The perfume that is my signature scent is (and always will be ;) Patchouli. But lately, I've found a blend of Patchouli with Frankincense that my friend Ditchy Witchy makes and sells at her store Earthcrafter (you can find her and her shop on my FB friends). Both of these scents go very well together. I enjoy wearing them and people enjoy the scent of me when I do. They also seem to relax.


It's not just for sweet and pure baby Messiahs, anymore :)

No, it's also for those of us who wish a depth of spirit, need real time grounding and reality and who keep an eye on the heavens and reach with their hearts.

Use this wonderful resin the next time you want to freshen your home, cleanse your heart or give your spirit a lift.

How? Just get a small disc of charcoal, light it on a fireproof dish and when it's cooking good, add a couple small rocks of Frankincense on top of the burning charcoal.
Waltz it around the house, or just let it burn in the room you are in.

Soak it up. Get a lovely smudge going for yourself and RELAX in the ways of the Ancients.

Drop your worries and your cares.



The Faery Enchantress said...

I too love Frankincense, it has such a powerful fragrance. I love to use it in the bath before I connect with the fae or before I have a big article to write. Lovely blog

Rachel x

Harzgeist said...

I just used it in my ritual yesterday :-) Sadly, hubby isn't too fond of the smell, but I could always use it!

desdemona75 said...

Thank you. I had forgotten how much I love Frankincense. I have some at home. I think I will burn some tonight... provided my charcoal is still good! :) <3

Bellatrix S said...

I love using frankincense essential oil! It is wonderful on sore muscles and arthritis. The oil also helps clear and tone skin.
It is so fragrant that I mix 3 drops of it with 1 oz of coconut oil to wear.