Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Fae exist~

Even if you don't believe in them...

Fairies exist.
How do I know this, so emphatically?

I have seen them.

(Here is where some people stop reading. "She's crazy", or "She's a kook" will probably be muttered before they click delete...and that's OK by me... that means less muggles to deal with.....)

I have seen 2 in my lifetime, but have had several visits from the Fae in addition to this

Once on my honeymoon with my new husband (and he saw it too) we were staying at a B & B where we got married. Harry and I had opted for a small private intimate wedding ceremony on the lawn late in the afternoon. We were so much in love. After our vows and promising signatures, we had cocktails and cake with our witnesses and spent the rest of our evening making love in a most beautiful antique room, with my special picked aromatic flower bouquet to scent our room. It was late in the evening when we came up for air :) We had champagne and played guitars and sang in our room and were so content with life and love.

The owner of the establishment showed us earlier how to find our way up to the catwalk outside to enjoy the scenery. We walked up through the attic and out onto the huge roof to the turret at the top where there was a perch for viewing the surrounding countryside. We were very high up on the 4th floor of a mansion roof top. On top of a hill we could look down to the Erie Canal and see for miles. It was a beautiful moonlit night, and we were admiring the other wedding that was going on down below us. There were limosines and ballgowns and tuxes galore down below, being a much fancier and expensive event than ours was. Still, here we were, up on the turrets, looking down and feeling blissful just being there and together. It was a beautiful dark summer evening and the stars were out.

All of a sudden, "something" flew down off the weathervane close by us, and flew in a big loopty-loop around us. It was a Bright Golden color. It kinda reminded me of the gold of the statue of Prometheus in Rockefeller Center. Whatever it was, it was about the size of a Barbie. And sorta looked like one too. It left a trail of gold as it whizzed by us. Then it was gone. Evidently, it had been sitting on the weathervane all that time...just watching us.

"DID YOU SEE THAT?? It was a fairy!" I exclaimed to my new spouse.

"I don't know if it was a fairy, but I saw SOMETHING weird."

"It was GOLD! It had BARBIE LEGS and WINGS. OMG. It was amazing!! It was a fairy! A fairy!!" I was jumping up and down. I felt our union had been blessed, indeed.

Later on, as I was researching this area, of Little Falls NY where we wed, I found that there was lots of historical writings on the fairy lore being quite common here.
I also found a passage in an old book that said, "When there be two weddings on a midsummer night, the fairies will observe and bless one and not the other." I felt very blessed indeed.

Now this story about seeing the next one is a bit different. Let me preface this by saying that I love the Fae. HOWEVER, they, like other wild things need to be free and outside. While I love them to pieces, they don't make good house guests INSIDE the house.

Harry & I had been high speed dubbing some of our Merry Mischief Music for some seniors who didn't have cd players and wanted cassettes. You know what high speed dubbing sounds like? Really, really fast chipmunk music. Also please note that our back door didn't shut well. Our back yard is full of all sorts of life, being on a wetland, it is teeming with activity.

I walked into the kitchen to prime the cassette with the next blank tape, and that's when I saw it.

A Red Undine.

If you don't know what that is, it is a Water spirit. VERY Mischievous.
Drawn to "Merry Mischief's" high speed dubbed chipmunk music no doubt.

While I was mesmerized that it had come inside, it disappeared just seconds after I saw it.
And it disappeared into my house. Somewhere.

Now, I didn't mind a fairie in the house up until this point. I mean, it was only having fun, right?

But a "fairie's fun" can be very disruptive and even downright mean. At first I thought it was cute that things went missing, then it got worse. Things like missing keys can be a nuisance but bankbooks and checkbooks and missing paychecks got to be pretty inconvenient.

It got so bad that I flat out shook my fist (at no one in particular) and said, "Alright, it's not funny anymore. Cough up the things you took. You are no longer welcome here with these antics".

And shortly after this teary declaration, we DID find the bankbooks, checkbooks and several uncashed checks ALL TOGETHER in a place that neither of us had access too. FREAKING WEIRD.

I went and found my grandfather's iron horse shoes from the Cavalry, and nailed them over the inside molding of each door, both front & back. I then placed a fairy statue I got for a gift out on my front porch. It had its arms stretched wide and had these brass tulips that would "ring" when it rained (supposedly.)

Oh it did get much more quiet and it was calm once again. However, I noticed that the fairy statue the following day on the step. It had NO HANDS. They hands had been broken off. They didn't fall off, nor were they laying on the ground by the statue. They were Gone.

And then I realized that it was a message. The fairies were telling the other fae, "Hands Off" when it came to our house.

I thanked them with milk and cookies.

We've been friends ever since.

Like I said, wild things will never be domesticated, nor do you really want them loose in your home.

It's a matter of safety.


Elayne Lockhart said...

I love this post. I too believe in Faeries.

The Faery Enchantress said...

Beautiful blog my friend, it's always lovely to meet fellow faery friends. Their magick exists all around and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Rachel x

Rose said...

The story about your wedding is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it.