Saturday, April 21, 2012

Horned God

And here we are at the letter "H" and I've been thinking on so many words that begin with it...
But I think I would like to feature one of the most important to me.

The Horned GodGiven a bad rap by the Medieval church and demonized into their making he is none of that.

He is Fertility, Maleness, Strength, Growth, Progress, Sexuality, Instinct.

In our daily lives of computer technology, suburban sprawl and to-do lists and soccer for the kids and home network shopping...we've become disjointed from our Earthy nature. We have become disconnected from the REAL WORLD of Nature and physicality. Even our daily life's interpretation of sexuality is skewed with pornography and tawdy commercialism and they portray women and men's coupling as shallow and devoid of feeling. Only the numb faces of the participants or those in dramaticized gloried facial expression of their seeming pleasure is offered as it's substitute.

No. That is NOT the Horned God.

Nor is he the red deviled, forked tongue, charcoal grilling scaly monster that we've been indoctrined to fear. If you really think about it for any time at all, you will see that we, as a human race, have been taught to fear our own urges. The urge to hunt, and provide, to procreate, to enjoy nature's glory of seduction and the chase, the coupling of another wild creature of your liking. Why? Because the Church wanted to tame us, cut off our balls, GELD the Horned God.

But I say he LIVES. Especially now in this season of springtime and the awakening of our pent up lusty natures. May day approaches! This was when Beltane was in it's glory and the earthy people knew its power to shake up the gene pool! Beltane participants would have fun, build big bonfires and drink and carouse and jump the fire! They would drum and dance and bring out their inner wild nature. Some would even join the hunt and couple in the woods for a night. In the morning, when the light of day would awaken them, they would be liken unto Fauns or Satyrs just waking from their enchanted night, entangled in a lover's arms.
What happened on Beltane, stayed on Beltane."Oh the Lark in the morning, she rises off her nest
flies up to the heavens with the dew upon her breast
like the jolly ploughboy she whistles and she sings,
comes home in the evening with the dew upon her wings"
We need the Horned God. At least we need aspects of him in our life.
Too long have we been pent up with our emotions and desires, following like sheep to a slaughter and sacrificing our lives and happiness for some religions image so that they may keep us in check and in line in their view of order.

Some chaos is good in your life. You can't have one without the other.

We need to be more in tune with the part of us that is animal. The one that instinctively knows the way home. The one that follows the signs in the sky and knows the phases of the moon. The one that can track a deer, the one that can sniff out a mate, the one that can howl at the moon.

This Beltane, make PEACE with that part of you. The one that you've been denying. God lives within you AS YOU.

Wear your horns proudly, at least for a bit! Connect with your inner wisdom, your Earthy spirit, your wild and racy side and your Godly self that feels and respects nature and all its inhabitants.

And Remember...we do live in a new day and age....

so don't forget to wear a sheep's bladder :)


Ditchwitch said...

Happy to say that Bruce & I have never lived in that denial.

Merlyn said...

Snicker :) Me neither, but throwing it out there for the masses....