Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kwan Yin and the Dragon

K is for: Kwan Yin

She is the Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and she is said to be the Savior of Seamen and Fishermen...

Some call her the "Buddhist Madonna" or as she calls herself, "The Mother of All Buddhas".

But Kwan Yin is not one person.
Rather....she is Compassionate ENERGY.
She is the Protector of the weak, ill, children and babies.

She is a Bodhisattva, or a "Being of Enlightenment". 

As far as fishermen and sailors go, sometimes she is pictured on a floating lotus flower or in a boat or rising on the back of a dragon...and so it is that I love her.

Kwan Yin is the brave embodiment of Mercy and Compassion. 

She is the courageous one that can tame the fierceness of Dragon.

In dragon's wild and cruel nature, Kwan Yin is the only one who understands Dragon and his nature.
She is the one that can heal him.

This does not mean that Kwan Yin is a doormat. NO. It means that she is a forgiving spirit, with Unconditional Love, (much like Mary, the Mother of Jesus). 

The Yang energy of the dragon is tamed by compassion and together when Yin & Yang fly together, then new enlightenment can come, new vistas and portals for learning are opened.

Kwan Yin knows the energies behind why people fight, she knows what people fear, and why they harm others. She has figured out what has motivated these behaviors and she offers healing...
through understanding and caring.

Kwan Yin offers forgiveness and a balm to their being so that they can find their own healing and so that they will not harm others again.

Kwan Yin represents the salve of Compassion for injured souls. 

Kwan Yin is Divine Female. 

She is Sweet Mothering and Tenderness.

She is "One who hears the cries of the world."

Once in history, Kwan Yin was depicted as a Male deity. The God  Avalokiteshvara cried tears of compassion upon the masses, it is said, and from one of these tears, or pearls of wisdom came Kwan Yin (or the Goddess Green Tara in some traditions).

Her symbol is the Weeping Willow tree, which also "weeps tears' from it's branches and is green most of the time.

I have always loved Weeping Willow trees.

When I was young, I spent MANY hours climbing them, and living on it's branches. It was my home. There is no other tree that I identify with more than the Weeping Willow. It is strong. It is a MAGICKAL tree.
It is a pain killer!
Did you know that is where the drug Aspirin comes from?

And so it is that Kwan Yin's energies also kill pain. She HEALS like the Weeping Willow.

See how the tree is so strong, and yet bends with the wind? It flows and grows and drinks deeply of the water. It is not rigid. Oaks and other rigid trees are buffeted by the storms and fall over trying to resist the wind's strength. Willows BEND. Willows GIVE and SURVIVE.

So to does Kwan Yin (Green Tara) bend with emotions and flows with the changes....she teaches us to drink deep of compassion and flow with new developments.

Kwan Yin demonstrates to us that we need to be strong, to drink from the of the cup of Good Will and to flow with life's changes.

Forgive someone today.

Kwan Yin wants us to understand that they have their own issues.
They, like the dragon, did not understand themselves or were able to handle their own power...
and so....
could not understand you, be there for you, heal you in the way that you may have needed to be healed.

We must each heal our own self, and then offer compassion to those who need us, while we continue to breathe deeply for ourselves and for others to grow in fertility, hope and love.

"Dearest and Most Loving Kwan Yin:
Beautiful Goddess of Love and Compassion.
Fill us with your love so that we may spread your Good Will to others.
We pray for others to be we pray for ourselves.
Heal us with your nectar of wisdom and caring. Blessed Be."

For more information on Kwan to these wonderful sites:

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