Friday, August 24, 2012

Q is for Quartz: Merlyn's Magick Crystals!

Quartz crystals have long been revered as magickal items.
It is considered to be the "Universal Crystal".
It is a mineral rock formation that is present and abundant on earth.
Quartz is natural silicone and sometimes spoken of as the "Ice of the Gods".

There are many different kinds of naturally forming rock crystals. Generally, they are clear and translucent. But some, like Jasper are opaque.

I usually put out a pile of crystals when I give my card readings. They help to give me clarity, dispel negative energy and support me in the readings that I share.

Generally, I feel compelled to pick up one or more certain crystals when I am working with someone on their reading, or I pick up a stone/gem before or after in the interim between readings. They calm me and help to focus my energy.

I have taken a few pictures of my favorite Quartz (many varieties below) and the pictures are ok, but really don't do them justice on how they feel or the clarity of their color...
but here you go....

These are some of the ones I use most:

I use this stone A LOT. It really helps me to feel instantly better. I chose this particular Citrine by the "feel" of it. It sent tingles through my entire hand and emanated up my forearm. That was definately the one for me!
Citrine helps to dispel negative feelings and aids in digestion problems. It is also said that it "gives joy and love to the owner."
It is said to remove fear and to prevent nightmares.
It is a guardian of sorts. I would agree.
This stone makes me feel "happier" when I hold it. :)

Rose Quartz
Called the "Love Stone."
I received my first Rose Quartz (the small tumbled smooth one in the picture) at my Renewal of Vows to my husband, Harry, on our first year married, by the officiator of the ceremony.
This stone gives a feeling of well being, and yes, even self worth.
It is a good stone to give anyone, especially those that are young, those in love,  or even those who are in need of some self esteem enhancement.
The bigger one here is a favorite to hold. It feels so GOOD.


This is a Power stone.
Originally it was called on to "protect the wearer from drunkeness."
Indeed, it's name means "Without drunkeness" and is used to protect against poison.
I once gave this beautiful stone to a friend of mine who was having problems with his own heavy drinking. He carried it as a "worry stone" in his pocket and seemed to help him get his act together.
Ancinet Egyptians used this stone to ward against fearful or guilty feelings. Indeed, it is a stone that can help you relax and promotes rest. Put it under your pillow for sweet, restful sleep. When gently rubbed against your forehead, it can help to eliminate headaches.
This is a most beauteous stone, and the picture does not do it justice. Plus there is a sweet natural carving on this stone that fits my thumb to rub back and forth in a soothing manner. It was made for me, it seems.

Smoky Quartz
This is a Grounding stone. When Harry and I had our first official "date", we wound up at an Alternative bookstore. We ended up buying some stones on a whim. It was prophetic.
We both bought smoky quartz for ourselves as a gift to each other, without at the time realizing their importance or their significance.
Smoky Quartz is a stone of Endurance, Personal Pride, and Creativity in Business. It is also connected with the "sounds of the Universe."
Not a bad gem rookie choice for "two musicians in love who wanted to be a force for good and for a business partnership as well." :)

Jasper (in particular, Picture Jasper)
 This is a stone of the Earth, even so far as depicting the earth in it's designs. A most beautiful stone, with many varieties and markings. It is a stone that helps you commune with nature and it's beauty and to be one with the Earth. It is also for Creativity, Cleansing and for the Immune system.
This is a beautiful piece. So beautiful that I had an jeweler friend of mine make it into a necklace.
It reminds me of a fanciful landscape with rocks and trees and ...fairies.

A stone for LUCK.
Green Adventurine is known for being a bringer of Luck!
Blue Adventurine is for a positive mental outlook and for self discipline.
Both make me feel quite good when I hold them. Both stones are said to stabilize emotions.
A good stone to give teenagers and menopausal women :)

I have several Geodes and basically, I love them as I feel they "give off beauty."
Indeed they are thought to be "Radiators".
These stones remind me that "You can't judge a book by its cover."
On the outside, they look just like plain old ugly rocks....
 But on the inside they are brimming with a delicate, cut glass beauty, not revealed until opened.

I like to be reminded of this when giving readings.
Sometimes the person you are helping to counsel, is like a geode.
Beautiful deep within, unreleased....but with a crusty, hard plain shell on the outside.
It is a defense mechanism to protect.
It is my duty to remind them to SHINE.
These stones are also used to promote fertility and to attract LOVE.

Then of course, there are the Quartz crystals that we all know and love....

This big one has an interesting groove in it that also fits my index finger and when I hold it, it gives me tingles and calms me immediately.

This one is a sweet "pocket sized" crystal with a wee baby crystal on its base.

Well, I hope that this helps you!

Here is a pic of some of my beautiful stones mentioned above:

Here are some fun links for you to do your own "digging" :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Qi in ...Bad Qi out....

 Qi (sometimes written as "chi", and pronounced as "chee") is, in essence.... Energy.

It is Life energy or Life Force. It is a combination of breath, air, energy and spirit. It is what makes you...YOU. It is the magick serpent of energy, hard to define and yet encompassing everything.

If you have ever read anything about Feng Shui, then you know that Qi (pronounced "chee") is about the placement of objects, and the flow of energy through homes, and the placement of items in a building or the placement of the building itself.

Certain things can stop Qi from moving. Clutter, for instance, can bog down life energy, and when there is a lot of clutter, movement tends to stagnate in areas. I know this for certain, and in fact, you may feel this is true, for when we do disrupt a clutterous or messy area, clean and organize it, there is a life force that returns to the area that was not there before.

Clutter is where energy goes to die.

By keeping a clear path in front of doorways, on stairs and letting the energy move (like water would flow) then your home and business will also succeed.

We sometimes have to clean house. Literally and figuratively. This goes for counseling sessions with relationships too. Don't think of counseling as "last ditch efforts to save a relationship". Rather, think of a monthly session with a counselor or a couples' counselor as having a cleaning crew come into your situation for a little dusting and Pine Sol clean and spruce up.

It feels good like a clean room afterwards..

Sometimes, you have to dislodge old feelings and patterns of behavior, much like you have to occasionally do a dust bunny sweep from under the bed, scrub your tub or clean your car.

Keep the Qi moving.

Let it flow.

Take in a deep breath and say to yourself "Good Qi IN".....
and when you exhale, meditate and say, "Bad Qi OUT"....

It allows your body to acquire, assimilate what is needed and then eliminate what is not necessary.

For Instance~

If there is a portion of your life that is not working (or working as well as you'd like it too), be it career, appearance, health, love, creativity....then try using this theory of Qi within those realms.

Remember, what we focus on and give attention to, will flourish.

What are YOU giving attention to?

What have you NEGLECTED?
Does it need some sprucing up?

Try these ideas:

*Clean the house and open the window for success in your home life.

*Organize your desk, address book and files for business success.

*Reorganize your closet, makeup drawer and purse/wallet for happiness with self.

*Make a space special for exercise or buy yourself a new fun exercise outfit or awesome new walking shoes or sneaker for your health and sports mind. Wear them!

*Set you and your mate up with a good, kind and fun therapist for a once month touch down for your relationship.

*Get a massage as a gift to yourself for your confidence level.

*Put family pictures in lovely frames in the "Extended Family" quadrant (see grid and info below) to encourage closeness and kindred feelings.

*Place books, bookshelves and beautiful altar items in the "Knowledge & Spirituality" quadrants to promote learning and wisdom and compassion.

Is it so?

The idea/philosophy is like this in general:

If you place some belief in the need area, then you will find it lacking there.
If you organize and fill the space with it being fulfilled, it will also be so.

It is an extension of the Law of Attraction.

Here is the Grid for the Quadrants of Qi. If you consider placing it (mentally) in an overlay of the position of your home facing EAST, then you will be on track according to the theory.

You can also make each room a microcosm of the grid with a grid.

It's interesting stuff.

Now, I will say that some of it really really works. When my doorways and entrances are clutter free, energy within the house DOES move nicely and I feel good. But then again, I'm not tripping on the fecking shite that's cluttered there so THAT also makes me feel good.

Does it work?


And maybe the Feng Shui books that I currently have as shims under my bookcase on one side are also helpful.


Any way you look at...

Placement is everything. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

The God "Pan"


The word strikes images of music, mischief, cloven feet and panpipes and wild sexual romps with fauns, does it not?

Let's take a look at this Mischievous God of Music, Sexuality and Spontaneity!

Where did he come from?

It is generally thought that his mother was a Nymph. Paternal lineage is questionable. Some say Zeus, or Hermes or Dionysus.
Interesting to note (for my fans of Homer/The Illiad and The Odyssey) that it is also said that the Nymph was also conflicted with Penelope who was unfaithful to Odysseus in his 20 year absence (fancy that!) and he banished her. She then did sleep with ALL 108 SUITORS...and gave birth to Pan.

(I think I like that story best :) Go Penelope!

Yet it is also said that Pan is "older than the Olympians" (that's old!)

But no matter where he came from, literally or figuratively, his form and symbolism has been with us for ALWAYS.

He is one of my favorite Gods! Our band is called "Merry Mischief" and Pan's influence is definately upon us in Mischief and in the Music!

Pan is a "rustic God" and is worshiped in natural outdoorsy settings for the most part. When you are out in the woods or in fields, you can most definately feel the God Pan there with you.

I have to tell you to be careful too. For Pan is "The God of Mischief" and it's where the words, "PANic and PANdemonia come from.

Once in Midsummer, I did a sweet ritual in my garden and invoked Pan and gave the ground an offering of wine and left some cake for the fairies. After I closed the circle, I started working there in the garden, happy to be in my natural element. I turned over an old log to move it out of the garden, and lying there was a King Snake.

I magickally flew to the top of the picnic table in an instant, shaking violently.
I was chanting the age old mantra: "Red next to Black is a friend of Jack. Red next to Yellow will kill a fellow." (Looking at the rings while it slithered away into the bushes unharmed....I noted the bands and was RELIEVED.)

Now, I appreciate snakes.
I do.
Don't get me wrong.
But they just give me the god damn fucking WILLIES.
(I have SOOOO many weird snake stories from my youth, which is why....)

And if you've ever seen a King Snake, well, then you know that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with upon their imager.


Pan was laughing his ass off, I know it.
I could almost HEAR HIM as I stood on the top of the picnic table, spade still in hand.

King Snakes eat other snakes as well as lots of frogs and mice and various varmits.
They are GOOD snakes.

Surely this fertility symbol of the snake was sent just to me, to remind me of my sexuality, spontaneity, transformation and fluid nature of life by Pan!!

 But holy fuck.

It scared the shite outta me!!

When you invoke Pan....

be prepared for some fun and frivolity.

Sometimes at YOUR expense!

Still you have to admire Pan's sexuality, freedom loving nature and gift of music.


He is definately a God of  HOT, MISCHIEVOUS, SEXY FUN!

Info for this story was taken from years of reading lots of Mythology books and stories and studying Fairy Tales and Folklore, observing, having sex, being wild, standing on top of picnic tables and from surfing. Here's one link you may want to look at for more info:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working with a Pendulum

 Would you like to get some instant answers to some of your questions or problems?

Do you believe in energy work?

Well, maybe working with a pendulum is for you.

There is energy all around us. Within us. Bustling around us. We just have to tap it.

Using a pendulum is a very old way of divining answers and one that I have used for many years.
It helps.
I'm sure you've seen it done, or have used it in some fashion before.

It has come down through the ages through wives, mothers and aunts with our curious need to know the sex of a baby yet unborn.  In this fashion, the woman takes off her wedding ring (imbued with her energy) and it is placed on a ribbon. The dangling ring is placed to hover over the pregnant mother's belly and the sex of the baby is determined in the following manner as well (altho' change the instructions for YES/NO to Girl/Boy).
Here is a very simple and easy way to do so.

You can get a pendulum at many spiritual bookstores or psychic faires. Some are very beautiful and come in various gems or stones to pick from.
You can use that for the purpose, or what I like to do is to use a favorite necklace.

My charm necklace to be precise. It is imbued with my energy and emotions and life force because I wear it so often. Do you have a favorite necklace that you wear often? That will also work.

First, you hold onto the necklace and let it dangle with about 12" length over your flat outstretched palm.

Clear your head.

Take a deep cleansing breath and let go of any worries.

Stay very STILL.

Then say outloud...and calmly (to the pendulum/necklace)
"Show me YES"
 Without moving your hand, the question will travel down to the pendulum/necklace.
The pendulum will start magickally moving in a specific direction, even though you are not making it happen. It feels the energy and reacts in kind.
The movement may be in a small circle, or it may be back and forth in a straight line.
This is now your pendulum's sign for YES- for your questions.

Make the pendulum perfectly still before preceding to the next question.

Next, say calmly (to the pendulum/necklace), 
"Show me NO".
The pendulum will move in a different a small circle, or it may be back and forth in a straight line. NOTE IT.
This is now your pendulum's sign for the opposite answer of NO for your questions.

Now that you have established what "Yes" and "No" look like, you are able to ask some particular questions.

Always formulate your question to be answered in a Yes or No format.

Still the pendulum/necklace to be perfectly quiet again before the next question is asked.

That's it.

Now go find your necklace or pendulum and try it!

Have Fun!

Monday, August 6, 2012

O is for Oracle...


The word to me instantly conjurs up the Oracle of Delphi in Greek history, who prophesied and gave advice on strategy, wars, and relationships. She was a virtuous older woman of knowledge who channeled the message of Apollo to mortal men, and would do so in ravings and visions. Wars and fates were decided upon the advice of this Delphic Oracle, who, by the way, was incensed to do so after Apollo slayed the dragon Python and it's body fell into the chasm and it's fumes wafted up and gave the Oracle dreams and visions to impart.

Kewl beans.

Well, she's gone....but we can find direction, if we too, can pick up the "scent" of prophesy in our daily lives.

My personal favorite oracles are Signs, Songs, Dreams and Cards.

Signs: Surely if you ask the Universe for a sign, you will get an answer. It may not be the answer you'd like, but it will be an answer. And one that you have to be alert to receive. It may be a butterfly that alights on you, or a cloud formation in the shape of something meaningful. As I said, you have to be aware and alert to interpreting it for yourself.

Songs: So you are pondering a question or a situation. It is all you think about. You walk to your car and get in and turn the key in the ignition. The radio comes on to a song that speaks to you PERFECTLY.
Or you wake up from a dream with a song in your head. These are some of my favorite Oracles.

Dreams: These are our own inner and personal Oracles. We work out our next actions and sometimes are given advance warning of upcoming problems of life through our dreams. If you break down the dream, to it's basic form and look at the items within it as "symbols" you are able to dissect the story to solve your own personal riddles and dilemas.

Cards: When in doubt, I turn to my cards. Tarot, Goddess and Angel cards for my Oracle answers. Sometimes I ask particular questions. Sometimes I just pick a daily card. They are there for me to help guide me when confused or conflicted.

So there you are. You don't need to kill a Python, or travel to Greece on a pilgrimage to get your daily Oracle.

Tune into your own inner guidance system.  But if you want to dress in some cool, mystical robes and veil and give advice, go for it. There will always be seekers who will need to find their path.

And personally....I'm still up for a trip to Greece.