Friday, August 10, 2012

The God "Pan"


The word strikes images of music, mischief, cloven feet and panpipes and wild sexual romps with fauns, does it not?

Let's take a look at this Mischievous God of Music, Sexuality and Spontaneity!

Where did he come from?

It is generally thought that his mother was a Nymph. Paternal lineage is questionable. Some say Zeus, or Hermes or Dionysus.
Interesting to note (for my fans of Homer/The Illiad and The Odyssey) that it is also said that the Nymph was also conflicted with Penelope who was unfaithful to Odysseus in his 20 year absence (fancy that!) and he banished her. She then did sleep with ALL 108 SUITORS...and gave birth to Pan.

(I think I like that story best :) Go Penelope!

Yet it is also said that Pan is "older than the Olympians" (that's old!)

But no matter where he came from, literally or figuratively, his form and symbolism has been with us for ALWAYS.

He is one of my favorite Gods! Our band is called "Merry Mischief" and Pan's influence is definately upon us in Mischief and in the Music!

Pan is a "rustic God" and is worshiped in natural outdoorsy settings for the most part. When you are out in the woods or in fields, you can most definately feel the God Pan there with you.

I have to tell you to be careful too. For Pan is "The God of Mischief" and it's where the words, "PANic and PANdemonia come from.

Once in Midsummer, I did a sweet ritual in my garden and invoked Pan and gave the ground an offering of wine and left some cake for the fairies. After I closed the circle, I started working there in the garden, happy to be in my natural element. I turned over an old log to move it out of the garden, and lying there was a King Snake.

I magickally flew to the top of the picnic table in an instant, shaking violently.
I was chanting the age old mantra: "Red next to Black is a friend of Jack. Red next to Yellow will kill a fellow." (Looking at the rings while it slithered away into the bushes unharmed....I noted the bands and was RELIEVED.)

Now, I appreciate snakes.
I do.
Don't get me wrong.
But they just give me the god damn fucking WILLIES.
(I have SOOOO many weird snake stories from my youth, which is why....)

And if you've ever seen a King Snake, well, then you know that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with upon their imager.


Pan was laughing his ass off, I know it.
I could almost HEAR HIM as I stood on the top of the picnic table, spade still in hand.

King Snakes eat other snakes as well as lots of frogs and mice and various varmits.
They are GOOD snakes.

Surely this fertility symbol of the snake was sent just to me, to remind me of my sexuality, spontaneity, transformation and fluid nature of life by Pan!!

 But holy fuck.

It scared the shite outta me!!

When you invoke Pan....

be prepared for some fun and frivolity.

Sometimes at YOUR expense!

Still you have to admire Pan's sexuality, freedom loving nature and gift of music.


He is definately a God of  HOT, MISCHIEVOUS, SEXY FUN!

Info for this story was taken from years of reading lots of Mythology books and stories and studying Fairy Tales and Folklore, observing, having sex, being wild, standing on top of picnic tables and from surfing. Here's one link you may want to look at for more info:

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Seth Mullins said...

Hi Merlyn,

Pan is my favorite deity/archetypal power alongside Dionysus; and actually I probably prefer him to Dionysus because of his humanity and kinship with the Green Man and the natural world. I think it telling that when Christianity attempted to stamp out the old magical practices and nature worship they bestowed upon their Devil so many of the physical and personality attributes of Pan.

Being a musician like yourself, I also appreciate when he arrives within my psychic atmosphere...and agree that there are times when he should be summoned with respect and healthy caution! ;)