Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a wonderful help in healing your friends, loved ones and those in need. Even animals have benefited.

I learned the traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho treatment of Dr. Mikao Usui back in the 90s.

In layman's terms, I suppose you could say that this is a version of "the laying on of hands" that the Bible talks about...in a way. But there is no salvation offered or demanded. No overwhelming bunch of people trying to make a demon come out of you...
Just the giving of the flow of the Universe and the channeling of energy to heal.

There are some rituals that you do go through before giving a Reiki treatment, but to me, the most essential is this: That you are in the giving frame of mind as a "conduit", and that you channel healing energy from the Universe through yourself- through your hands- to the person or animal that you are working with for "their Greatest and Highest Good."

Depending on how you were taught, you may touch the person physically with laying your hands upon them (or just above them, not touching)  on their Chakra regions starting at the Crown, then proceeding to the 3rd Eye (brow), Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Spleen and Base Chakra.

Each Chakra point corresponds to a vital energy of physical, emotional or spiritual residence. By clearing and balancing these areas, it opens up the Chi (Qi) to flow more freely throughout.

Here are some ways that each may be blocked and how they are when strengthened:

CROWN (Top of head) :
When open there is the strength of compassion, Oneness. Harmony, Effects on others with peace, Love. Non-attachment.
~If blocked, person may experience grief, anemia, infertility, feeling cut off, epilepsy. May often wear hat.
Healing Foods and Elements for Crown Chakra are: 
Sunshine, Juice, Fasting, Amethyst & Diamond.

3rd Eye (Brow):
When opened, Clairvoyance, Psychic abilities, service to others, clarity, balance. 
 If blocked, person may experience physical, emotional, mental or spiritual upheaval. Dizziness. Confusion.
Healing Foods and Elements for 3rd Eye Chakra are:
Special breathing, air, chlorophyl, Lapis Lazuli and Quartz

When opened, the throat Chakra promotes communication, creativity, releasing, healing.
If blocked, person may experience trouble with thyroid, teeth, swallowing, and may need nasal inhalers or be addicted to smoking. May be stifled or rigid.
Healing foods and elements for the Throat Chakra are:
Raw fruit (blue and purple especially), Turquoise and Aquamarine gems

If blocked, person may experience, nicotine addiction, asthma, anxiety, nervousness.
When strengthened, there is Trust, lovingness, open to change, Balance, Tolerance, Responsibility, Good will.

Solar Plexus:
When strengthened, the Solar Plexus Chakra balances Personal Power, Ego, Self Esteem. 
 If blocked, person may experience, food or caffeine addiction, cancer, bladder problems, sterility, control issues, Critical Thinking. Perfectionism.
Healing foods and elements for the Solar Plexus are:
Carbs, Grains, Amber, Citrine and Tiger's Eye gems

When Strengthened, the Spleen Chakra balances feelings, boundaries, intimacy, self love.  
If blocked, person may experience Sugar, food or alcohol addictions, relationship problems, low back and bladder problems.
Healing foods and elements for the Spleen Chakra are:
Water, Juice, Tea, Citrine and Topaz 

Base (Root):
When strengthened, the Base Chakra balances basic body needs, governs survival issues, money needs, groundedness.
If blocked, person may experience problems with alcohol and sex addictions, compulsive cleaning, leg, hip and varicose vein issues, sciatica and Fear.
Healing foods and elements for the Root Chakra are:
Proteins, Red fruit and vegetables, Hematite.

I have used Reiki for various reasons. To help take away pain of an ailing person or pet, to help relieve stress, to help aid with sleep, to calm nerves. Harry & I used Reiki a lot on our dog, Monty, when he was recovering from surgery. You can literally feel the heat release from a stressed area, and it gets hot under your hands -even if you are 6 inches away from the afflicted area! 

We are energy.
If we get blocked due to emotions, environments or illness, it may be compounding problems.
Take some time for yourself.
Have your Chakras aligned with love, by having a Reiki treatment.

You will feel more relaxed and health will start to flow through you so that you may heal others.


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