Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sarasvati~ Goddess of The Arts!

Sarasvati is the Goddess of Music, Science, Knowledge, Prose and Poetry.
She is the wife of the Hindu God, Brahma. Creativity is her gift and the pursuit of knowledge is her passion.

I love how she is the Protector and advancer of both Science and Music and Knowledge. Those of us in the field of the Arts have always felt that the pursuit of creativity brings a greater knowledge to life.
"FLOW" is her keyword, and considering that she is a River Goddess (from the river of the same name in India) it is a perfect word when trying to understand The Arts.

As a musician and a bard myself, the word "FLOW" has special meaning.
To me, "Flow" is the feeling of "Oneness" you get when you live in the moment and the Universe feels right.
It is the inner heartfelt awareness that you are doing what you are meant to do.
To be in that exact place, at that exact moment, doing exactly what you are doing and you can feel the Universe flowing through your music, your words, your actions. It helps others.
The life force flows through your expression and out to others.

"When you are happy, others are happy, and the world is a happier place."

In some cultures, Sarasvati is considered to be the "Mother of the Universe."

It is never too late to learn, to grow, to be creative, to start playing a new instrument or to write a poem or a story.

Sarasvati says to us:
 "Share your gifts. Make the World a Happier Place."

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