Saturday, October 6, 2012

Local Tall Tales. Really, it's true :)

LaFayette Apple Festival takes place every autumn in the valley of Central New York.
We had the 2nd and 5th slots of the day, so got there early. We took the back way in, to find our stage.But first, we had to convince this fellow that we could (and are allowed) to go straight through here as we always park over there by the stage.

 Some years this event has been on a beautiful "Indian Summer" sort of day. Hot and sunny.
Today was not that kind of a day,
It had stopped raining, but was very wet and muddy. There was a thin but stalwart crowd there.
CHILLY in the morning!
But then again, a Quanset hut, while dry can also be like a refrigerator.

It was actually a big treat for us to be playing together today.

We've been busy on so much, that we haven't had a chance to play for a bit. It was heavenly. It feels really good to be on stage with someone you trust, know the drill, and just have fun with together.

Time and sets went fast. Some silly stuff. Jack the Piper came over and played "Scotland the Brave" at the end of the song, "Who killed the Piper?" He was a good sport and so talented! I LOVED playing bodhran with him on that piece! It rocked.
And Emily Hoy requested "Rattlin' Bog" and then came up to help me with it! Good job!

The sun came out and started drying up things. There were about 450 crafters there in bout 10 HUGE tents filled with lots and lots of quality product! Jewelry, alpaca mittens, soaps, dolls, pillows, dried fall arrangements, funky clothing (oh yah, I got a shirt! :), and great chicken BBQ with awesome, awesome apple sauce. LOTS to eat, see and do!

It started dark and dreary, but it ended well. Definately a fall day for sure, with the nip in the morning rain air.

Follow me past the pony ride to the Scarecrow contest!
Some pretty clever ones:

NINJA Scarecrow will take crows out Ninja style! Hi-ya!

This one below... could be a Merlyn scarecrow, but isn't :)

She is holding a sign that is singing that popular earworm, "Red Solo Cup". Probably to annoy the crows to death.
Merlyn would never sing that. She'd sing something else equally annoying ...but different. :)

History of all kinds has come from our area and you can taste it as sweet as a crunch of a new apple!
Speaking of apples....
Here's our old local man, Johnny Appleseed!

And here he is, to scale!

Johnny Appleseed is indeed a tall tale from around these parts.

As is....

The Cardiff Giant.

Never heard of it? Well, let me tell you a wee tale!
A LEGEND featured here on Merlyn's Magick!
What are the chances?

In the late 1800's there was a man who was trying to be an alchemist turning grasses and base metals into gold.
No shit. Really?  Just like in Middle Ages?

Well, one day he must've had some sort of alchemical epiphany. So, in direct response to the statement that "giants once roamed the earth" from the Bible at a Methodist Revivalist meeting, George Hull (an atheist), thought he'd try his hand at a hoax. A real doozie.
He got away with it for awhile and made some money too! He had a 10' tall "petrified" man made and treated it to solutions to age it . It was buried it where workers would eventually "discover" it by accident.  At least they thought they had discovered "an old Indian man buried here." It quickly blossomed into becoming quite a barker's dream sell. Within a couple days of it's discovery, George Hull put a tent over it and began charging admission to see it. A short while after that he doubled the 25 cent admission to 50 cents.That was a LOT of money back in the 1800's!

Here at the apple fest, they have this on display at the working cider mill. They say it is the mold that the original was formed in before carving.
Or IS it?
The Cardiff Giant that I've seen old pictures and lithographs of was anatomically correct.

this guy here at LaFayette obviously ain't packing. I know. I looked. I can tell these things at a glance. And if you ask my personal opinion...
The other guy in the original sculpture was aptly named.

But anyways, it's interesting and way cool. And bonus?
There's cider.

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