Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mermaids....and the Emotional "Tackle Box"

Our intrepid StoryBook Club went fishing for .....


Did we find them? Oh yes we did.
I saw an article online that said:
"Thursday, July 05, 2012
"No Evidence of Mermaids, Says U.S. Government"
So why the obvious declaration?
Because there have been sightings for thousands of years, that's why. One of the latest was in the 1980s. That's right.  
Now, if you believe in folklore...(and of course we in the StoryBook Club are always open minded...)
you will see that Mermaids are magickal creatures. They can come in many colors, sizes, shapes and varying degrees of beauty.

We studied many stories of Mermaids...and Mermen...especially the story, "The Little Mermaid".
And I have to conclude that we felt that Disney did society and our culture a disservice to change the ending of The Little Mermaid to a Happy Ending.

Because the original tale (tail? :) didn't turn out so well for our obsessed little Mermaid.
She depicts the epitome of a person in a Co-Dependant Relationship.

You know that old chestnut....a person experiences "Love at First Sight".
She obsesses.
He falls (into the ocean in the story, but it could be anything he needs rescuing from)
She SAVES him.
Well....sort of.
He is a Prince.
She is a Princess.
You'd think that would be a MATCH, right?

Nope. He is sort of an idiot. He can't see what is right in front of him. He has servants that wait on him. And so it is with some people who always need rescuing. She tries to save him, but she gets tangled in the net of love, as it were.

She decides that the only way he will even NOTICE for her to go to the Sea Witch.

Down into the depths she goes...spurred on by Flotsam and Jetsam, the eels of negative thinking.
The Little Mermaid makes a deal with the Sea Witch (or the Devil, as this has a lot of Christian elements of a morality story in it). The Little Mermaid TRADES her beautiful fin tail (her Independence) for legs. And she pays for it with?


And really... so do we all, that have lived through a co-dependent relationship.

(A nod goes round the room....)

We trade our independence and our voice...our real SELF...that which makes us UNIQUE to please someone.

Did the Prince fall in love with her? Oh yah, he did.
Did the Prince marry her? Well...NO. Not in the original story.

That's where Disney went awry.

You see, in the REAL world...when someone is involved in a relationship where it is one sided...
and one person loves too much...
and the other person is oblivious to the depth of love....and swims in shallow water...

There can be no happy ending.
It just doesn't happen.
In the original folktale, the Prince marries someone else.

The Little Mermaid is then going to die on that sunset evening of his wedding if he didn't marry her.

(and haven't we all felt like we would DIE if something like that occurred?)
Instead, in the original story (instead of Disney's fairy tale happy ending...)
The little mermaid's wonderful sisters try to help her by selling their beautiful hair to the Sea Witch for a magickal sword. They give it to her and say: "If you just take this sword, and KILL the Prince, you can get back your fin tail and come swim with us again!!"
But instead of killing that which she loves (and what is killing her spirit) and thusly claim her independence with the death of the relationship....and get her own life and soul back...
the SILLY Mermaid takes the sword and throws it away!


Yah. That's the REAL and true ending to Co-dependent relationships.

OH....If she'd only taken the daring move to break the bond!
If only she could've broken the cycle of dependence and degradation that she experienced....
she would LIVE again!!
We in the StoryBook Club think that Disney should've told us THAT ending!
Maybe people would all learn that love like THAT... ISN'T love! 
It's Caretaking. It's a trap and hard to break.

Oh Little Mermaid....Honeygirl....
Love shouldn't have to hurt like walking on razor blades! (or eggshells)

If you trade your unique voice, how will you be able to truly love and express yourself?

That was her sin and her fault. So....she got what she got...
and don't let Disney tell you different!!
You think Mermaids are all sweetness and light?


Some of the stories we know of Mermaids tell a different story.
These water babies are VERY dangerous.
They call to you...
and speak to your vanity....
They lure you to the side of the ship....
and make you want to jump into the water....
and then
when you do jump and fall head over heels for them?


that fixes that whole Co-dependent thought process, now doesn't it?

Talk about the assertive directive...
No Vanity worshippers there, eh?  

Yah...their victim's face is the FIRST to go!

So much for alluring others with that "under my thumb", bait, eh?
That's one way to stop that love at first sight and co-dependent shite.

 But surely I digress. :)

We had a lovely evening dining at Keith and Ed's home. There was a beautiful table set for us!

There were Mermen and Mermaids, and Sushi and Fish sticks and "Chicken of the Sea" and Tuna salad and Seaweed treats! Goldfish and Blue sea sweets. It was a lovely evening!

We also enjoyed seeing the beautiful fish that Keith and Ed keep so well...
They have 3 tanks filled with beauties...and one tank is a salt water tank too!

"The fish in the bowl is lucky...they in for a different fate..."

Check out the centerpiece!

Handsome and Sexy and Alluring ...MERMEN!

Mmmmmm. I'd have to think twice about not jumping o'er board for them, meself...

Lots of fun....awesome conversations....great thinkers...bawdy banter....and good food!


Next month we decided that we needed to visit a story with a MUCH stronger willed heroine.


In honor of Christmas and Yule holidays will visit Hansel & Gretel for the season!
I'm sure we'll cook up a LOT of fun and mischief!
 Menu choices may include Gingerbread, Bread Crumbs...and Baked Witch :)

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