Friday, December 7, 2012

YES is a Magick word

Well, coming down to the wire here with my last two letters approaching the end of this very fun and informative writing experiment!

I'm getting close to finishing a whole year of writing on this "Letter of the Week" Pagan Blog Project! WOOOT!

My "Y" word of choice today is?

To me, it is an extremely MAGICK word.

When you say YES to the Universe, Yourself and to someone for their Greatest and Highest Good....

Grand things happen!

In acting class you learn your first lesson of Improv with following someone's statement with the words...

"Yes! And..."

it keeps the dialog going forward by being able to add to it.

So doth the word YES do the same in real life.

Try using the word YES more often, if possible.
Or use the phrase, "Yes, and..." build on what you need to, today.

The Universe will bring more good things to you if you are open to receiving them.

So go out there and have a good day!

YES? :)

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