Monday, November 4, 2013

A Bewitching Day of the Dead

I really don’t know where to begin.

Suffice it to say that something very very Magickal happened last Friday.
It was “All Soul’s Day”. The Day of the Dead as it were, when the veils are the thinnest between the worlds of the Living and the Dead.  

My friend Fox and I were going to visit a new friend, Tobs. She is doing something really amazing.  She has decided to “Live Small” instead of “Living Large!”

A Back to the Land and Power to Woman sort of approach. We had to go experience her new abode.

She is living here, this winter…

She has a place close by to visit and bunk in if more space is needed to make a meeting place for company. She has the details worked out. She will experience solitude, the weather, and her own stout-hearted pioneer spirit! 
We are talking CNY winters here!
That's RUGGED!

Tobs welcomed us with Amazing Panache!
There was a Feast!
We brought cake and wine to celebrate 3 kindred Spirits.
We Three, Women Three, Feel the Power of 3 :)

We wore Fun Garb to play in.....(i.e. We all "played dress up" :)
It was a most gorgeous day in the Woods on this November 2, 2013.
Just look at those colors!!

We went to the Sterling Nature Center!

 I thought that it would be fun to do something appropriate for "All Soul's Day".....
So I brazenly played in my garb rack for something ethereal....
something a bit "archetypical"


Poignant for the Day....

While Fox brought out her Gypsy....

maybe even her "Mad Woman in the Attic....

and Tobs was a Flowing Free Spirit in the Woods.....

SO Naturally Beautiful and Free....

We played in the Woods like 3 children….

Or maybe like.... 3 Witches in the Woods …..

(they are sometimes Magickally the same thing :)

It was a day set aside to remember Loved Ones.

Some who we may pine for….

If we only show our Patience....for things Eternal.....

There may be even Some who haunt us….

A reflection of our True Self....

Some we may need to let go of…

Or sometimes, Spirit gives us a clue.

Endings may only be New Beginnings in disguise...

And sometimes you may need to.....


Maybe even...
One which serves a purpose for the Greatest & Highest Good of the Universe!

And we laughed and laughed....


there may be a Someone whom we still grieve for….

Or remember with our heartache....

A grief that is hard to purge.....

Or mayhaps those that we wait for....
sometimes in vain.....

And yet...
Our Inner Spirit reminds us....
that ....

You can grieve and pine too long….

and then....
Life has a way of grabbing you and making you aware….

Shaking you up….

Reconfiguring your World...

Drawing you close ....

Refreshing you….
It is a Day of Release

A day that you are ALIVE and BREATHING... is a very Grand Day!

 A day when we are "taller than our Souls"...

This was a day to celebrate Life!


We prayed for all in our hearts….and for their deliverance....and peace...

We danced!

We played!

We ate and drank and laughed and twirled!

And some of us had Sausage Bread….

and some of us didn’t have enough ;)

There were 3, count 'em, THREE other Magickal Happenings this day.

1) I picked up Fox to take her for our adventure and she got in and handed me a necklace. "Remember those beads you gave me once, that you said were your Mothers'? Well, here they are. It is a necklace for YOU."
She gave me back the Apricot beads, from a 1940s necklace of my MOM'S. On All Soul's Day.
My Mother was with me all this day long, every where I went.

2) Fox had posted a picture of the 3 of us for Halloween/Samhain the day before in anticipation of our adventure this day.

The caption read thusly: "On Samhain e'en, 1862, three young ladies disappeared into the woods without a trace. Legend has it that on each All Souls Day they gather together to feast and sing and twirl....twirl....twirl........"

She was just being creative and shitting around. 

While we were in the cemetery, wandering randomly, she saw a gravestone and she wanted to sit upon it. She quickly asked psychic permission and sat down on take some poignant pics.

 But when she got back up and looked at it....
It was the EXACT YEAR DATE as she randomly posted (for shits and giggles) the DAY BEFORE.
"Um, Hi Abran! Nice to meet you!"

3) When we got back into our car at the Sterling Nature Center, there were about 3 cars in the parking lot on this very windy day. We were headed to visit, pay our respects and take pics in the cemetery. BUT stuck to my car windshield, under the driver's side wiper was this typed note....which came from no one we knew. There were no other notes on any other car....
 The note read thusly:

"There is a lot of Love, Inside....
Love is what is important.
Love is what brings us together. 
Love is not about lamenting. 
Love is not about looking at the past-
wondering how it could have been and how it wasn't. 
Love is not about the things that are not.
Love is about what it is, what is felt in the heart in this moment.

You love love. It's a beautiful thing.
This is who you are. 
And if you are going to love, then 
love the most lovable. 
Love the one who can love you back unconditionally, 
no strings attached-the ultimate lover
who dwells in the stillness of your heart.
Fall in love for life.
There is a love inside of you that's never going to fall apart. 
It's the most beautiful companion. 
Always there. 

Accept the moment called now and fall in love with your breath, 
because it is the most incredible instrument that is playing. 
It brings you your life, it brings you your possibility, 
it brings you the truest blessing
-and it brings you love."     ~ Prem Rawat-Marharaji

Magickally delivered for a perfect ending.

A day like today....

Is a Magickal one indeed :)


Tobi Lyskawa said...

What a GREAT blog !! I love how you made the pictures tell our story !! I can not wait until the next gathering !

Mimi Foxmorton said...

What a beautiful, beautiful retelling!

And what a beautiful, and magical day it was!

I cried a little when I got to the end. I hope Lucy got more sausage bread. :)

Love you both! Looking forward to our next Magical Adventure!