Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bali on a virtual budget :)

Ok, so it's grey and snow is falling here in CNY. Not Bali-like at all. It freaking SNOWED today.
And that's ok. How'ere, the last couple of days have brought me much personal pleasure even so!

Yesterday, I had the day to myself before work. I got up with Harry at 5:30am. I wished him well, I read, and I wrote, and den? I went back to bed at 9am. How awesome is THAT?  Fecking decadent.

Know what else I did?

Yoga every day. Been eating whole grains....Ok, I've had the side glass of alcohol. Watched "Trekking the World~ Bali", 2 versions of the "King & I" and "Anna & The King", also a Netflix on "Fierce Spirit" and gathered strength from the cold wind. I've also cooked Coconut Curry Shrimp with rice, eaten papaya and smoked salmon and  pampered myself with hot baths, oils and nail polish. I've taken my vitamins faithfully for 2 weeks. I've tanned. Used my Netti pot and had it surprise me hours later with a gush of saline from nowhere. (I didn't realize that your head is a fucking cavity with a lot of secret hiding places in there...)
I've read decadently in the evening swaddled in a blanket with my dog.  I've taken naps and gone to bed early and got up when I felt like it. Been working too, checking emails and raked a lot of leaves. Been loving my man, Harry, so much for letting me find and harness my voice. I also finished editing my memoir. Fucking A! How awesome is that? Hardest thing I've ever done besides push two babies out of my vagina. But surely I digress.

During this "DIY~Bali Retreat", I've realized that:

1) Yul Brenner is one HOT fecking male.

2) But not nearly as hot as Yung-Fat Chow. Good God, but that man is sexy. 
3) That's a LOT of freaking satin in the Lady Leonowen's dresses in The King & I...
This dance scene is EPIC.

4) I feel that the actor that depicted her son in The King & I resembles a Civil War version of "Eddy Munster" only like a real boy.

5) I like the actor's portrayal of the son in "Anna & The King" way better.

6) While I like the musical (sucker for musicals, I am....) I actually prefer "Anna & the King" for the story line and yet both movies depict differing versions of the same story. However, after getting hooked on the story line and the historical basis of fact, and researching it a little, the real story of the King of Siam and Lady Leonowens' is much more tragic.
Check out this link for the REAL Story of the King of Siam and Lady Leonowens

7) as is the difference in the endings of Tuptim and her Buddhist monk's lives in both movies.

Other than that,
Bali is fine. Thai food all week, eating really awesome food, tackling projects like the hot tub, that Wayne is rebuilding (the parts came TODAY!!!) and finishing the memoir are reason for one more glass of wine.

Merlyn, somewhere in Bali, chanting and stretching and eating a lot of damn good curry.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....

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