Monday, November 11, 2013

Romanesco Brocolli and Sacred Geometry

I'll confide to you a weakness.

I sometimes wander the aisles of grocery stores in search of weird things to try.

I call it the "WTF Theory".

Like, I'll see a veggie or a fruit or food item and say "WTF are you?"

If I really don't know what it is, or what it tastes like or how to cook it, I'll buy it.

Case in point:  Romanesco Broccoli.

The fact that it said the word broccoli tipped me off but other than looks like it should've been growing in an underwater environment. I envisioned clown fish swimming around it when I held it in my hands.

My friend, Tom joined me and Harry for lunch after the church service we played for and because Tom is a vegetarian (I'm a recovering vegetarian but still have leanings....) we thought we'd cook it up. He too, was impressed with it's beauty. Tom and Harry mentioned the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio and Sacred Geometry was evident in it's construction. Truly, it is a thing of beauty!

 Fibonacci broccoli

The Golden Ratio, is evident in nature.........

I'm not going into the math here....but if you want to see it, just google it. You have fun with that. Instead, I'll just marvel in it's beauty.
So for this days' ponderance,  I thought I'd ponder math in nature and show you some of its beauty, spurred on by the awesome inspiration of Romanesco broccoli.

Fibonacci Cactus
Fibonacci Pinecone
Fibonacci Mollusk
 Fibonacci Sunflower

Fibonacci Rose

 Fibonacci Hen and Chicken (or Sedum, I can't tell...)
 Fibonacci Storm
 Fibonacci Human

Fibonacci in Space
 Fibonacci under the microscope (this is an angelfish ovary cell, evidently...)

I thought it was all so very interesting, beautiful, and cosmic....

All brought to me by wandering in the grocery store with a curious attitude about broccoli.

But more importantly, back to the broccoli....
Tom and I decided to cook it up with some olive oil, garlic, onions, soy sauce in my cast iron skillet.

It was delicious!
Try something new today.

And give thanks for a much bigger theory, marveling in the Universe, in the Gods, all out there so mysteriously connected......yet always seemed spurned on by asking WTF?

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